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 Does this sound good?

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Does this sound good? Empty
PostSubject: Does this sound good?   Does this sound good? Icon_minitimeThu Aug 26, 2010 7:47 pm

Quote :
As all days begin in school, there is first period, then the second, al through the seventh, at this school. It was more ‘free’, girls could have there purse, boys could have there hair over there eyes, free right? Wrong.

This is a school were the adults that are forced to teach, it is like a jail for them. This is the Shishou-Keigoku school. The ‘staff’ is also the kid believers, but not the principle. She is the warden there, part of the adult group called Adaruto, and makers sure the teachers do not break the rules. The thing is, kids do not know that this is jail, except one group, who are world wide.

They are the Tadas, they are a group of kids, who are all around the world, and can not live with there families anymore. They went to a school, almost like the Shishou-Keigoku school, but with different teachers. There, one of the teachers would give the ‘special ones’ a ‘collar’. It was not a normal collar, though, even if it did look like a dog collar. The ‘special ones’ were the only ones allowed to wear them, because they would only work on them. The collars make it so they can fly, and that they can turn into their ‘animal’, usually a wolf, tiger, or something else that is strong, they can also pick up things that are 200 x there own weight.

The Adarutos want to use the kids, to win war and some want to take over the world, but the kids do not want to fight, and do not want rulers. Some have plots to kidnap the president and in other places, the emperor or king/queen. Some of the FBI agents, though, work for the Adarutos, they are called Urufu, dog like animal people who have there own collar, but don’t give them the special powers that the Tadas have, and want it.

“Please send Sousui to room 6-08, please.” Sousui gave a weird look, but then grabbed her tracker keeper, and went past the teacher, the teacher smiled, when did he start smiling, she wondered, while she held the door handle, letting it close slowly, trying not to make a sound. She walked down a long hall, no adults were around, but the cameras were still going, good, she guessed, so if a bully came out, they’d get him, or her. Next to the door, she quietly opened it, no one in the room, besides Miss. Krin, She looked at her, with concern, what was wrong, Sousui wondered.

“Sousui, Take this and run, don’t stop, never come back, don’t go home. Keep running, never stop, and do not go close to any stray dogs that are in packs or with a collar.” She shoved an envelope to her, and pointed at the door. Sousui nodded, dropped her things, and then walked fastly out of the room. In the hallway, her friend, who she had a crush on, walked in front of her.

“Where ya goin’?” He asked, she just looked at the door, and nodded that way. “Runnin’ away?” He asked, she nodded again. He dropped his tracker keeper, and walked out side with her. An alarm went off, and red lights flashed on the out side of the building. Quickly, they ran into some bushes. Sousui got tired of hold the envelope, and opened it. Two collars slide out of it, into her lap. She looked at him, and snapped one on, so did he. Then there real life begins.

I just got the idea while playing band hero for a new forum XD plus it would be the first thing ever that the dogs were the bad guys that I would make XD

What do y'all think? Could there be anything to change/improve on? Should I make it? Would people want to join it?

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Does this sound good?
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