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The Heavens meet the Underworld, war is about to begin.
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 The rules changed?

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The rules changed? Empty
PostSubject: The rules changed?   The rules changed? Icon_minitimeTue May 25, 2010 3:33 pm

Armani wrote:
1) No cursing.
2) Respect all members of this site.
3) Show respect for others higher ranked than you.
4) Make a profile for all your charcters.
5) Battles are ONLY allowed to take place on the battle ground.
6) Try to be as active as possible.
7) No mythical creatures or monsters.
8: If you are roleplaying as a human, THEY ARE HUMAN.
9) Do not get mature.

Now Alue will have to go, but I thought that demon were monsters. They ARE monsters. This site has been changing to much and making this forum bad to me. PS then this forum is hard to role play on with out monsters. Take out hell then, that is where monsters are from!
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The rules changed?
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