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 Alue Of The Wolves

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PostSubject: Alue Of The Wolves   Thu May 13, 2010 4:16 pm

The Normal Life

Slash! The saw slashed through the road. The points hit the ground, making it go faster; the metal beast hit the ground, its round forum moved across the highway. As people rushed to get out of the way. The cops shot at the thing, only though the bullets shot back. I looked over a car, one on the side of the street that almost got hit.

“Ah! Alue do something!” Kelly yelled to me. The noise of all the yelling must be hurting all of us now. I looked at Mistix, who had a small gun in her hands. I nodded to her, she nodded back. We got up, slowly walking to the middle of the road. Sweat went down my face, I was scared. Wonder why though, this is a normal day.

Zip! The metal beast shot by, only a few feet away. I heard the same noise come from behind, about three other metal beast were coming to me and Mistix. I opened my mouth, but I had no words.

“Get down!” Mistix shouted to me, as she grabbed the back of my shirt. We ran fast to behind the car, I felt the ground on my knees. Great, my new jeans were torn! I had no time to complain, Mistix had a plan. She leaned on the side of the car, and looked behind her. Then looked at me. She had the it's time look on her face, I sighed, and then we dropped our guns.

I shook my hands, and stomped my feet. Not needed, just did it. I went to a wall on the highway, then put my hands and back on it. I looked to the street, as a metal beast was coming close. I squinted.

“Now!” Mistix shouted, I ran, breathing hard. Then took to the air, almost flying. Then over the car I was, landing on top of the metal beast, as a wolf. I bit down on one of the spikes, taking it off. The beast was going to blow up, so I jumped off, landing a few yards away. I snarled at it, one down two more to go- now more were coming. I looked at Mistix, she was wide eyed.

I gave a snarl to Misitx, she knew what I wanted. She gave me a you own me big time face. I rolled my eyes at her, then got back to my job. I looked back at Kelly; she was getting a bigger gun out of a half smashed car. I yelped in pain as a metal beast thing whizzed by me. I looked down at my right side, blood dripped down, it had gotten my side. Another wolf ran over to me, looking at my side, I held my ground. Misitx had gone wolf too.

Another thing came close; she bit the scruff of my neck and jumped me away. The other ones had crashed into flames, not by a wall. Kelly walked over with a bazooka. Where did she get that? I wondered. Well that didn’t matter, we were safe now. I changed back to human. “Let’s go!” I shouted to them, and then ran away, going to the house.

I ran after them, and then stopped dead in my tracks, to look back at the road, good nothing was coming for us, and then I started to run again. The house was only a mile away, at least it felt like it, who knew how far I was? We were wolves!

Back at the house, I opened the door, hard to do when you have only a hole that you need to stick your hand in then open it from the other side. Inside I flopped down on the dirty couch. I sighed, as Misitix went to go upstairs to read history. I found history really boring, plus how could you read if you didn’t know how to?! Nope, I didn’t even plan on reading. An eleven year old, reading when she doesn’t know how? That doesn’t sink in well. Nor does school, it might look fun, but it isn’t.

Mistix lived normal, till she had to leave when there was a fire. She was in bed, in like third grade or something. And there was a guy that was smoking, don’t smoke! And he through it on the ground, by the house. The house caught on fire, they got trapped, she escaped, and they died. She hates to be around adults. Ya, we don’t go to town often.

Mistix ran down the stairs, making me jump. She looked scared, and then stopped dead on the stairs. Scared as she could be. I looked at her with a face like what is wrong? Do we have to go? Get your stuff! But she just ran to me, and then jumped over the couch arm, looking at me. Then showed me a picture of something. I leaned over, then taking the picture. It was some human man, why was she looking at this?

“What is this?” I asked, looking at her with a what do you look at? Face.
“It’s the guy that sends things after us, I think.” She pointed at a part of the picture. I squinted a little, and then saw something, a tiger tail. This guy was like us, not good.
“See, he changes too, only into something worse. I don’t know, but I could try to find out more about this guy.” She said to me. Well nothing was wrong. So this was fine for me, I guess.
“Go, now.” I snarled at her, she got up, and then went back to the computer. “No getting on that forum!” I shouted to her. I got the TV remote, and then turned it on, looking for the news; hopefully nothing about us would be on it. The women started to talk.

“Today, some metal machines attack on the highway. The cops showed up on the spot, but failed. Two wolves were able to destroy them. There was a little girl that had a gun that the cops needed to get out of there. One wolf was slashed on the side. Now we are trying to find out where the wolves are, there is blood on the ground, and fur that was torn off of the wolf.”

I put my hands on my knees, and put my head on them. Well, they didn’t know it was us. Only wolves and a little girl. They saw her; hopefully no one got a picture of Kelly or film. Well there was most likely going to be a film or something.

I looked back a Kelly, she was grinning, and she was on TV now. There was a film! I gave her a you’re dead! Look. She froze, I covered my ears.

“That’s me! I’m on TV! Look! Look!” She shouted. I didn’t dare to take my hands off my ears. It was a few seconds later, she didn’t yell, I slowly took my hands off my ears. I shot forward, hitting the wall, Kelly hit my shin.

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PostSubject: Re: Alue Of The Wolves   Thu May 13, 2010 4:43 pm

A Newer Life, Now

I rubbed my eyes, looking for the others. I had a hard time seeing; only the light that shined through the-dang it! Someone blew our wall up! Well, it was none of us, I hope not. I heard Mistix running down the steps, covering her mouth. It was hard to see her; the dust was in the way.

“Alue? Kelly? Where are you?!” She yelled, and then coughed some. I tried to get up, but Kelly was laying on me. I kicked her off some, and then was able to get up. I was trembling, I get scared like that. I grabbed a broken bar that hung from the ceiling. Then covered my mouth, hearing foot steps. I turned around, looking for a figure that walked in. No one we knew, but I had to make sure my pack was safe. I moved to the stairs, it was easy, I knew the house. I didn’t want to talk; the man could not find me that way. I tried to be quiet, but the dust was getting in my throat.

“Alue? Kelly?! Where are you?!” She shouted, tears were coming to her. We didn’t answer, making her worried. I had to say something, but then we might die. Wait, the man could have heard her. I fastened my pace, going faster, making me feel worse. It felt the bars on the stairs, and then keep my hands on it, going up the stairs before I felt Mistix by me. I grabbed her, then but my finger to my lips; saying, shut up or we’ll die! She shut up, narrowing her eyes to the hole in the wall. I lowered my body, she did too.

The dust started to clear, and Kelly ran quietly to us, we snuck up stairs, then shut the door and locked it. I was not going to let anyone in. I looked at the others, we did not dare smile, and if we did we’d all crack out laughing.

“We need to get out of here,” I started in a whisper. They leaned into me to hear. “We're going to go wolf, and get out of here. Mistix, you’re fast, run past them as fast as you can. And Kelly, you jump over them, knock some over, k? And I’ll attack some, while y’all run. We’ll meet up at the…” I started to think of a place.

“At the stream a mile away. At the wolf park.”

“Yes, what she said. Go!” I whispered to them. We went for the door, opening it; I looked out first, going to tell them when to go. I peered down, the people were still there, and the man that I saw first, had goggles over his eyes, what a nerd. I looked at the men around him, big guys; I waited for an opening for them to run through.

Finally there was some room for them, I looked at them, they ran fast, jumping over the railing, going wolf. Kelly was a brown wolf with a bracelet that said her name and had some gray on her chest. Mistix was blackish and had some white on the tip of her tail and paws. I was happy to see Mistix run by the, scratching there legs, I saw blood. And Kelly, she hit a guy on the forehead. He might die from that, but like I care.

I waited for them to be gone, and then the humans would look at them. The men around the nerd did, but nerd dude didn’t he frowned at the other way, the other way was at me, so you know. I started to sweat, I was worried, and did this nerd know I was here? He walked close, I heard his foot steps.

“That’s not the last. There is one more….There leader.” He said, I could tell that wasn’t his real voice. He was trying to sound, bad to the bone, fail. He did say it straight, but I could tell. I started to laugh but I put my hand over my mouth. He was a nerd, hiding his nerdish voice. I heard his foot steps come close, and then I remembered he blew the house up, maybe he was drunk or something. I had no time, I walked slowly up stairs. Hoping he didn’t hear me.

I shut the door slowly behind me, panicking I looked around, trying to find a good place to hide. Nothing, just a bed that was a few inches off the ground, and a trash can. Plus a hill of stuffed toys. Nothing really, not under some covers, that never works.

I slowed my pace of moving, then put my hands out by my sides, saying in my head, ’I’m not going to die!’ Well I could die, but not today. I ran to the window, how high was this room again? Well once I got over there I found out. I was on the second floor, high for a wolf to jump. I’d break my legs, then I’d die of not being able to hunt, or they would get me and kill me, maybe. I have no clue what the nerds want, but I’m not going, not even if it’s heaven.

I heard the foot steps, they were closer, where to go? I needed to choose, or I could fight. If I can I’ll hide, no fighting can be good. I ran into the closet, it was hard, cloths were sticking out, that is why I didn’t say it before, and it was the closest thing by, ok? I got on my hands and knees, going to the back, I was n shoes. It hurt, Mistix shoes and Kelly’s shoes = ow! I felt the wall, and then leaned on it, trying not to get hurt.

A knock was on the door, then a voice. “You’re in here. I can smell it.” The nerd said, then he laughed, very high pitched, I wanted to laugh at him, but my fear also said not to. I moved close to the wall, hitting more shoes. I heard his steeps, and something moving around. What did this guy look like? I looked for the picture of the tiger man, but it was on a desk, across the room, the nerds were in the middle of it all.

He paced to the desk, looking at picture of us, and seeing a picture of himself. He lifted it in his gloved hand, and smiled. Thinking, so, they know about me. He torn it into two, and dropped it, then picked up a picture of all of us at the beach.

I heard something, or someone open the door, another bad guy as I thought, but the talked, it was Mistix and Kelly. Oh-no! They didn’t see that the nerds were up here, and they thought I was OK, or hurt and couldn’t move!

“Alue, were are you?” Mistix yelled to no one. I clenched my teeth, not going to move unless the nerds went after them. The leader nerd looked back, at the door, then dropped the picture and darted fast to the door to do down. I thought he was a human. I crawled after the men, still under the cloths.
“Hello, children. What do I have here?” He said to them, and then I heard the scream. Oh-no!

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PostSubject: Re: Alue Of The Wolves   Thu May 13, 2010 4:49 pm

The Fight Starts, And The Pack Leaves

The man came closer to them, I could feel it, they saw something, or he hurt them. I ran out of under the cloths, but my was pulled back, by some men that stayed behind as the lead nerd went out the room. I kicked around, trying to get loose, nothing. They had my arms tight, and I couldn’t even get a bit on them.

I let my head go down, maybe they thought I’d have given up, nope. I lifted my head back up as fast as I could then my head went back, hitting the guy that was holding my arms, in the face. His nose started to bleed, and he let go of me. I ran to the door, but the other man that was in the room, close it before I could get to it. He had an evil grin, the reached in his pocket. I yelped in pain, he slashed my on my arm, I had a ton of blood spilling, I feel to my knees, tears coming out of my eyes. I looked back up at the guy, with my hand holding my arm.

I launched my body at the man’s chest, knocking the air out of him. He fell down; I was able to open the door, to see Mistix and Kelly being held by two others. I looked at them, there eyes went big, and they started to ask what happen? I didn’t want to talk, the leader of the men walked close to me, I was not going to attack….This time.

He reached out, and then touched my hurt arm, I pulled back, yelping and growling. He looked mad and sad at me, what was this guy’s problem? He walked closer to me, again. I didn’t smile, I was not even going to laugh at him this time, and I was sad, angry, hungry, and thirsty. He better watch it. He walked around me, his arm behind his back. OK, I was tired of it.

He stopped, and I raised my fist, hitting him in the nose, making it bleed. I heard Mistix and Kelly getting on the other men; they would go after them and me. Well, I was bored, what else to do. I stopped, to look at them, I felt something cold touch my back. A gun.

“Don’t move, and you don’t get hurt. Put your hands in the air to show you’ve given up.” He whispered in my ear. I slowly lifted my arm, letting my palms show to the others. The were hitting the men’s stomach. The men stopped fighting back, and then looked at me; Kelly and Mistix looked back too. They widened there eyes, I never gave up. This was new for them. I wanted to cry, but my arm was bloody I was close to being shot, and I felt faintish. Wrong time to fight for me.

My pack stopped, and rose there arms too, then the men pulled them down, holding them tight, taking them to a car outside. No one took me, but the nerd leader looked at me, in surprise he just put his gun down, and I put my arms down, nothing bad happen. I wasn’t being shot at, nothing’ OK what was his plan? I needed to know. He took out a needle from his pocket, and then walked to my shoulder, I moved away a little. But he grabbed my good arm, pulling me to him. He lifted me off the ground. Then stuck the needle into my right shoulder, it hurt a lot.

After he got what he wanted in me, he dropped me, I fell limp. Breathing hard, what had happen now? I hit my head hard on the floor, knocked out.

I woke up in a room, in an…Office. A young boy stood in front of me, he was tallish and had brown hair, and I got up, off a table, looking around. It was like a work office, ones you see on Sponge Bob, where was Kelly and Mistix though? The boy walked up to me, touched my arm, it was bandaged. As he touched me, I slapped him, then he pulled back, and smiled at me, I just gave him a face that said, back off or you die. He backed up like I did nothing and I should go, but can’t. I did a deep growl, nothing he could hear.

“Where am I?” I asked quickly. Almost baring teeth.
“At…A place.” He said back. Bonehead, Great reply.
“Where am I? And where is my pack?” I asked again, maybe he’ll learn not to test a wolf.
“Fine, you’re in a building that is abandoned in New Orleans. Happy? And you ‘pack’ is in another room, most likely being seen by my father. He likes good ol’ fighting dogs.” He said ‘fighting dogs’ while punching air. Wait, fighting dog? My pack, no, we are not fighting dogs, we are people/wolves. Not ‘dogs.’
“What was in that needle, and who are you?” I asked, he better say everything I asked him.
“Needle? Don’t know, most likely something that’ll make you more strong. And I’m Kyle. You are?” He asked, no way am I going to say who I am.
“I’m Reed.” I said, Reed as a name for me? Nope! Good lie, Alue.
“Uh, OK, Reed. You hungry are what?” He asked, the real thing, yes.
“Shut up.” I said to him, he didn’t say anything back. I hopped off the table, gong to pass Kyle. He put his arm in front of me; I grabbed his arm, and then pulled it up. He grabbed my shoulder, and pulled me back, taking my arm up above my head, making it hurt, then pushed me to a wall on the back of the room.
“Can’t let ya go.” He whispered to me, and then dropped me back on the ground. I fell onto the floor, as he was calmly backed to the exit. I didn’t talk, why not? I decided to see what ‘Kyle’ was wearing. Nothing better to do.

He had ice blue eyes, short hair that was brown. His shirt was red a had cuts in it, I wondered why he didn’t change, and he had blue jeans on. I was a little shorter then him, boo. I looked down at my shirt, blood-stained. It was a black T-Shirt but now it has dark red on it. And my jeans had holes in them. My arm was still bad too. We were both white though. I looked back at Kyle; he also had a black cape on.

“You know, wearing a cape doesn’t make you more stronger.” I laughed to him, as he looked pretty mad at me. “How old are you?” I asked, hey no one wants to get yelled at.
“I don’t wear the cape to look stronger,” He snarled at me. “It’s to hide my tiger tail.” He sighed at me. “I’m 13. You’re 11.” He said to me, a little nicer. I looked at him, and then gave a low growl.

I heard some foot steps come closer to the door, I got up quickly. A man’s foot steps first, then wolf’s. The door opened, and leader nerd came in and Kelly and Mistix walked in behind.

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PostSubject: Re: Alue Of The Wolves   Thu May 13, 2010 5:16 pm

Is This My Pack?

Mistix had a cut on her leg, not bleeding much, she didn’t seem to care much. Kelly had cut on her cheek, what had happen to them? Oh-ya, dog fight tests I guess. I looked at the nerd, this time going to see where his pockets and things like that are. OK, he had a lab coat, but it covered over his whole body, like a dress. And it went up half his neck, with buttons on the front, with pockets close to where his hands reached. He had a slit in front and in the back, by the middle, the same place on both sides. Guess it makes it easier to walk, or something.

I looked at Kelly and Mistix, they had new cloths on, Mistix had a blue shirt with a skate-boarding squirrel on it. With short blue jeans. Kelly had a pink tank top on that had ice cream on the front, and short jeans too. I thought of how bad I looked, dang. The nerd walked over, laying down cloths that were newer in front of me. OK, really, at first he tries to kill us, then tries to kill us again, then, now he gives me free cloths. Next thing you know he’ll be giving me free video games.

“Who are you?” I snapped at him. He ignored me, at first. Then smiled, and looked up at me. His goggles were blank, nerd.
“Dr. Johns.” He said, and then put his hand on his chest, what does he think? He’s king or something? I looked at him, with a back off! Face. I gave a semi-low growl at him. I looked at him, right.
“Any…Nicknames?” What, he has to have a nickname if he’s a jerk.
“Pit-bull, didn’t Kyle tell you? I fight dogs.” He grinned evil at me. What a sap. I growled low at him. I looked down at the cloths he had brought in, and then snatched them fast. I looked at Pit-Bull; I had to ask him, stupid to ask an enemy.

“Where can I change?” I wanted to hit myself.
“Kyle! Take Alue to a room with no windows.” He snapped, I’d hate to have a father like him. Wait, how’d he know my name? I had no time to ask, Kyle grabbed my by the arm, taking my down hall ways.
“Here.” He flicked on some lights, as I walked in, he followed me. I looked back at him with a face that said, what are you doing? I wanted to say rudely at him, but he just backed away closing the door behind him. I looked at the new shirt, it had a howling wolf, and then there were normal blue jeans, why not shorts? I saw what he had laid out now, the shirt jeans, and a collar. A freaking collar! I grabbed it, had skulls on it, with a pink trimming and a dog tag. It said ‘Alue.’ You have no clue how mad I was about feeling like I’m owned.

I slipped on my new jeans, no knives in ‘em. Then the howling wolf shirt, and I left the collar there. It felt weird, I didn’t ask for help, but it came, kind of. When I was finished getting dressed, I walked to the door, then stopped wondering if I should have just stayed in the room. Maybe not, guns could be on the walls. The door opened, how did he know I was done? What ever, he walked me back to the office we were at before. Wait, why did I follow? Maybe, there was something about this place. I walked over to Mistix, we gave each other a grin, and then I stood next to her.

“What happen?” I whispered to her.
“We were being tested for fighting, we were good.” I saw she wanted to punch the air but she didn’t.
“Let’s ge-“
“Come! Down for dinner!” Dr. Johns stopped me from saying for up to leave. I gave a look that meant, you are not the boss of my pack, and he just walked down the stairs. Mistix pointed at him as he went in front of us. I saw it, swooshing! A tail, a tiger tail! He opens a door that must have been at least 20 feet tall! I walked in, looking around; this was a fancy place, not for us. He pushed me into a chair, jerk face.

The stake smelled good, but I didn’t dare eat any of it, Kelly reached out for some, but I looked at her, and se pulled her hand back slowly.

“What’s wrong? Don’t wolves love meat?” He asked, I didn’t want to talk, but I was leader.
“We don’t trust you, ya know?” I asked rudely. He frowned at me, disapproval of me, boo hoo, like I really care. I wanted to look under the table, for no guns in his paws.

“So…Are there any other tiger people like y’all?” I asked, maybe he’d be fine now, die.
“Uh, yes! My sister!” Kyle said first, I looked at him with a, really? Face.
‘Who’s your sister?” I asked him, maybe they’d let us go, or they’d loosen up on security and we’d be able to get out of here.
“She’s…Gone. She’s an assassin.” He said sadly, I looked at him, feeling sorry. His sister ran away, to get away from Pit-Bull.

“Jessy is dead, Kyle. She was never real.” Dr. Johns said before I could say anything. Ya, right! She ain’t dead I bet, he got her mad, and she left. I thought, maybe we could go out and find her. Kyle looked down, in sadness. He looked back up, knowing his father didn’t like it.

“Why’d you lie?” Kyle asked me. I looked at him.
“What do you mean?”
“You said your name was ‘Reed.’” He said back, I suck at hiding my name. I didn’t reply, staring at all the food that I wanted. I felt like something bad was going to happen soon, I looked for ways out, no windows. To high for a wolf to jump out, the only way was through the doors, guess what would happen? We’d have to fight, ya, show the dog fighter how good we ‘dogs’ are at fighting.

Mistix had some food in her hands, then started eating, and the nerd smiled, he knew something ‘good’ for him was coming out of this, but nothing happen, she was just eating. Kelly looked at me, wanting to eat. I hesitated, but I let her. The bad guys looked at me, really, did they know I didn’t listen to the ‘rules’? I looked around, everyone was eating; Mistix, Kelly, Kyle and Dr. Johns, nothing bad was happening. I took some ham, then picked it up with me hands, then bit down; I saw the others were using knives and stuff. It’s a free country, I can do this. Dr. Johns looked at me.

“Alue, once we’re all done, I want to see you.”

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PostSubject: Re: Alue Of The Wolves   Sun May 16, 2010 6:30 pm

One On One, Only!

I looked at him, now what? This guy seems dangerous, he blew up our wall, had a gun against my back, and made Kelly and Mistix fight. He’s nickname is Pit-Bull, main fighting dog. Well, maybe it was my testing time, not going to happen. I looked over at Kelly and Mistix, saying, take a long time to eat. I grabbed some chicken, then some more ham, then some steak; they didn’t think we ate that much by the looks of them. I ate it all in less than five minuets.

When most of the food was gone, I was still hungry and skinny. They thought they knew a lot about wolves. I looked at Pit-Bull; he opened the door, thinking I’d go out with him. I looked at him; he just stood there, and then frowned. He had a problem.

“Alue, come here.” He said calmly, I could tell he was mad. His coat didn’t look like he had a gun, no way to go then. The pack didn’t really like guns much, but when they were pointed at us, it’s like a hunt after a wolf, we run fast, and tries to make the bullets miss. “Don’t make me.” He said a little madder, since I didn’t get up. I shook my head saying no. He gave a little growl, and then looked at Kyle. Big whoop, he had a son. Kyle walked behind me, then grabbed my shoulder, I growled a little.

I got up, pushing the chair down, and I moved closer to him, growling. He looked at my eyes, sad to do something. He had my shoulder, as he looked back at Pit-Bull, he pointed to somewhere on his own back, then Kyle tried to turn me around, I refused to move.

“What are you doing?!” I was able to snap as his claws dug into my shoulder, I yelped as he did. I grabbed his arm, pulling up, and then pushing him onto the wall. He fell down to the ground, breathing hard. I turned around, going to run for the door, but two bigger men stood there not going to let me out. Dang, I looked around, seeing the best thing to use was a knife.

“Alue, just come and there’ll be no fight.” Pit-Bull said, sure, I looked back at him, growling.
“Only when I loose!” I snarled, and then turned back at Kyle, who was back on his feet. This wasn’t over, I looked over at a sharp knife, as Kyle jumped onto of me, as a tiger, I grabbed the knife, going for his back. It went into his side, and he fell, blood spilled on the ground. My bandage came off. We circled around each other, wolf vs. tiger. We snarled at each other, growling and spitting. He was big and muscle, I was small and fast. We stopped, and I lunged for his shoulder, once I got it, he bit into my back, and then threw me on the ground. Now he was standing above me, his fangs closer to me, more then ever. I lifted my head, bitting into his neck. He pulled back, then getting onto his hind legs, falling backwards.

“Alue!” Kelly and Mistix yelled at the same time. Pit-Bull stepped in front of them.

“Stay out of it, or else!” He snarled at them, lifting a gun, they backed away. I looked over to make sure they were ok, as Kyle dug his fangs behind my shoulder blade. I yelped loud, spitting blood, cursing under my yelps. I feel to the ground, not moving, crying, I didn’t want my pack to see me like this.

“Alue!” They cried out at me, Kyle padded back to Pit-Bull, as I lied limp on the ground. Kelly ran over at Kyle, then kicked his shin, yelling at him.

“Why’d you do that?! Behind her shoulder blade is her pressure point!” She grabbed Kyle’s arm throwing him on the ground, Pit-Bull got her off soon, then walked over to me.

He walked around my body, and then bent down, petting my head and back. I wanted to growl at him to stop, but I had little strength to. He petted me more, I liked it, and I relaxed a bit too.

“Looks like you have lost.” He whispered into my ear. I rolled my eyes at him, feeling blood close to them. I lifted the front of my body; he got up, standing by me. “Get up.” He commanded, what did he think I was trying to do? I lifted my head, and snarled at him. I started to get my whole body up, when he kick my side, I fell back down. “I said get up.” He snapped at me. I tried to get up again. He was about to kick when I moved my body out of range. “Good.” He said a little nicer, then slipped a two pink shaded pink collar on me, and a leash. I hate this.

Pit-Bull took me out the room, back through the hallways, with Kyle, his pet. Kyle petted my bloody side, we were both beat up. Kelly and Mistix went to another room. I moved close to Kyle, hating them leading me. Dr. Johns tried to pet me, but I slowed down, lagging behind a little, so he didn’t get me. We walked into a vet looking room, how do I know? I watch Animal Planet. Pit-Bull wanted me to get on a metal table, no, no, no! I am fine!

Kyle picked me up, placing me on it, I didn’t like how it felt, cold and well metal, I sat down on it. Then they took off the leash, good now just move over and let me out. There were bright lights, and they were still taller than me. And I saw what they had on a rack close to me; needles, and things like that. I felt like I was going to slide off, I let me dog claws out to stop the feeling.

“Stay standing you stupid wolf!” Pit-Bull yelled at me, and then got a needle and put it in my lower side then took it out, I stood up, what a jerk. He looked a me legs, hitting them with a stick, I kicked at the thing often, and he grabbed my leg then and pushed it down. I heard a car door close, we all heard it. Great, just my luck, most likely another guy that wants to kill me. Kyle walked to a window that I could barley see now, he smiled, Dr. Johns gave a little growl.

“Really dead.” Kyle laughed at Pit-Bull, who walked next to him, then he feel backwards, as a bullet shot by him, almost hitting him. I gave a little smirk, then jumped off the table, and got under it, hiding.

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She Is…Alive?!

The table shook as Dr. Johns knocked into it, his white neck showed, great time to bite. I let out my head fast, only leaving little marks and little blood on his neck. But now his arm was bleeding, one bullet hit him, by the looks of it. I turned human, crawling out of under the table, going against the wall, close to the window. I saw a young girl that had a tiger tail too. I sighed at it, Kyle was smiling his head off, must know her.

Her boots hit the floor, making a ringing sound. White skin, black and…Purple tail? Kyle and Pit-Bull had black and orange tails, weird. She had a black bandana around her neck, and two guns in her hands, clothing, and purple. She had a belt, dark, dark purple, is it just me or does this chick like that color? She pointed the guns at me, as Mistix and Kelly ran into the room. They backed away slowly.

“Who are you?!” She snapped at me.

“I’m Alue. Who are you, and why are you here?” I asked her. Hey, no one would just come in and take something without a reason. She lowered her guns, and walked by Kyle.

“I’m Kyle’s sister, Jessy.” She said, as Pit-Bull tried to stick a needle into her, she grabbed his arm, and then flung his against the wall.

“Jessy, I thought you were dead.” He said to her. Like he really cared about her.

“It was a fire, moron! I am an assassin!” She pointed at gun at him, so I guess I am in the middle of a family reunion. Kyle grabbed her arm, pushing it down. She grunted, but then walked toward me. Another dog fighter. She grabbed a needle, and pointed it to my shoulder, I growled at her.

“I’m just going to see something…Mutt.” She said to me, hopefully she was a little more trustworthy. It sank into my arm; she looked at it, reading? It said something. What did it say?

“Ah, you lucky dog.” She laughed at me, really, a wolf that is scarred, and was going to be a fighting dog, lucky? She took it out, good. Smart tiger, she went to the window, letting her legs out first, and then she grabbed Kyle, and looked at me.

“You coming?” She asked, I looked behind me, Kelly and Mistix ran to her, she took then out the window. I raced over, sticking my head out, and then looking behind me, as Pit-Bull. Freedom or fighting? Duh, freedom. She jumped back up, and then grabbed my arm, taking me out the window, landing on the ground.

She jumped into a van, waving us into it. Kyle opened the back doors, and we all got in, I sat in the middle of the pack. Kyle sat across from us, he fell in front of us, growling. I laughed at him, and then he got up almost falling over again. His hands got to the front, and he stopped to talk to his sister.

“How fast are you going?!”

“96 MPH.” She said back. I heard a loud noise from the back, the ones from the high way thing. Police = bad news for us. I got up, trying to walk to the back window in the van. They were pointing guns at us, one hit the window and I ducked.

“Uh, guys! They’re police!” I heard Jessy turn her head and cuss under her breath. The van moved faster, I fell down, so did Kyle. I jumped back up, going to my seat. The car started to move weirder than what I had seen on TV.

“Hold on! We’re going to crash!” Jessy yelled to us. I looked at the others, then we all unbuckled, I opened the back doors of the van. Once we were going on the grass, we all jumped out as animals. I rolled onto Kyle, he tried to get up, but I wanted him to feel my wrath.

I got up, my muzzle at Kyle’s tiger head. I poked his head with my nose. Then a bullet whizzed by, and I jumped off of him, and lowered my body. Baring my teeth, a dog jumped onto Kyle, I lifted one paw, going away, as Jessy attacked the dog. As, guess what? Another tiger, only purple. The dog ran back to its humans, with half its paw gone.

“This way! Follow me!” Jessy shouted to us, I had little trust but there were police, no where to go. Kelly and Mistix were right on the tigers’ tails, I lagged behind, making sure no one was hit. The police couldn’t see us well when we were animals, but human, no way, they would see us.

I saw as Jessy stopped in front of another old looking building, I thought I just got out of one. I had no choice though, we all ran inside, hiding from the humans. They had dogs, a lot of dogs. I thought that the dogs would like us wolves; no they try to kill us! All of us went back to human form.

“Where are we?” I asked quietly, hoping the humans didn’t hear me.

“In a, uh, I really don’t know.” Jessy replied, I wanted to laugh so badly. But, this place could be bad, who knew? This could be a school for all we knew. I heard foot steps, thinking it was Dr. Johns; nope it was someone else, good.

“Jessy?” The man said who was this guy?

“I knew I knew this place! Jason!” She shouted, happy. Jessy knew this guy, good I guess. He walked over to her; he was mean looking like her, well perfect. I’m at an emo place, just what I needed. She got up, walking calmly away to another room, Kyle, Mistix and Kelly followed her to another room, and I stayed where I was. I didn’t trust this person, and I knew there were more people in the next room. People with guns, not my kind.

One walked out, smoking and had a gun in his jacket, that was dirt brown and he had blue jeans and wore a striped shirt, red and white. I didn’t like how he looked, he looked happy to see them walk in, and then mad I didn’t.

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Not Staying Here Forever!

The man walked over to me, smiling evilly at me, I was ready to hit. He grabbed my arm, making me yelp, I pulled back, growling, and hold my arm tight. The guy looked back at me, kind of scared about what I’d do. Attack, or let it slip? Well, let’s see what’ll happen. He looked at me, seeing I wasn’t going to fight him, and then started to laugh, throwing down his cigarette, then stomping on it to put it out.

“Looks like you ain’t a fighter, we are, beware!” He yelled to me, other men started to laugh. I didn’t like the sound; it made me really mad at him. He walked back to me, going for my arm, again. Never test a wolf, bonehead. I bite into his arm when it was an inch from me arm, he looked scared. Who’s the fighter now? Blood came from his arm, then my K-9s started to pierce his skin more. As a wolf now, I tugged back, wanting him to see what I could do. He kind of froze in fear, a wolf girl, just what he needed. And my cuts and stuff, now they were showing, made him see what I did before. Loser.

Jessy grabbed the top of my muzzle, trying to get it opened, as I bit down harder on his arm, making him yell and cuss at me. He took out a gun, then boom. I let go, feeling more blood down my back. He had grazed some of my back, what a, never mind. I bared my teeth at him, as Jessy got between us, and the others (pack and Kyle) got around me, making sure I was fine.

“Don’t attack anyone, Alue!” She snapped at me, I saw the guy, on the ground, looking at his arm in fear. I gave a little smirk at him. “It’s not funny!” She said, trying not to laugh.

“How about a cage?” Jason asked, I growled at him, he ignored me. I saw the look on Jessy’s face, man she must hate that word, ‘cage.’ She dashed over at him, putting her arm out at his chest, then hitting him, making his body hit the wall behind him.

“No!” She snarled at him, he looked at me, then angry Jessy, and backed away to the door a little; some men came out, and walked over to the bleeding dude.

“Are you ok?!” One asked him, he feel back, I heard him loose his air for a second, his head made a ringing sound. They looked down at him, then me, and grabbed him, taking the dude to another room. I nodded at them.

“Alue, can you not do that, please?” Jessy asked, I wanted to say no, but I just nodded at her, what an idiot I was being. I walked into the room, men were looking at me, as I left a blood trail behind me, baring fang at anyone who tried to touch me.

“Aw! Who’s this little doggie?!” I heard a girl say. Whoa, I thought these people were like I’m all tough, I just get a wolf and kill. Well, good there was a ten year old girl that loved dogs don’t touch me.

We were walking past her, as she reached out to touch me, Mistix grabbed her arm to stop her, all I did was sit down, letting her touch me. I growled at Mistix saying let her do it! The girl slowly touched my back, and then petted it more. She started to smile, good, now let me eat you brains! No, not really, JK! Kyle stopped and looked back at me, just sitting there, blank mind, letting some random person touch me, I growled when he tried to touch me, maybe could lay off that.

He walked over to me, looking at the girl, then me. Having a scared face on, he touched my shoulder, I turned my head, he was ready to pull back, and all I did was sniff him, really. He looked at me, with a face that said, where is the real Alue? The girl keep petting me, I turned my head to her, licking her face, and she made high pitched sound that were weird to me. I tried not to move.

“Who are you?” Kyle asked her, she keep petting me, then looked up at him.

“I’m Anna.” She replied Anna seemed nice; Jessy waved us over to show us something, cool. A wolf body that was twenty stories tall, maybe. I stood up, as the girl pulled her hand back. As I walked away, I turned human; I looked back at the girl, her eyes wide. She got up, walking slowly to me. The room smelled really bad, the first time I bothered to really smell what was going on.

“You’re a-a human?!” Anna asked I looked back at her, she was brownish and had simple cloths on, a blue T and jeans.

“Problem with that?” I asked, she shook her head at me. “Good.” I said back, a little more evil than normal, but what ever. There was a box, you know, a semi-little brown box in front of me. Jessy lifted the lid up, showing a gun; I was ready to run if she shot at us, she smiled at it.

“This gun could blow up this building.” She said happily. Crap, I backed away a little. “I’m not going to shot you!” She said as though everyone thought she wanted to blow everything up. I heard barking, then people getting up and running, then Anna screaming.

“Police!” She yelled to us, I looked at my pack then at Anna. Jessy and Kyle were about to say something, but I talked first.

“Out the windows, close to the first stream on the right!” I snapped, as Kelly and Mistix ran out the room, and I heard guns go, and glass break. Jessy ducked as some police came in, holding guns.

“Freeze!” One said, while pointing a gun at us. We three raised our hands; well I ain’t going to stay here forever. “Take one of the dogs close to see if there is anything on them!” He yelled to another police guy. A German Shepard ran to us, sniffing our legs, and sides, pockets, everything. It looked at me, then barked and jumped onto its hind legs, knocking me over.

I feel to the ground with all my breath taken out. The man came over, pulling the dog off me. He looked at me, and then nodded to the other, pushing Jessy and Kyle against the wall, handcuffing them, then me.

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Bars Don’t Hold Wolves Back

The men were on us, our hands were hurt, and they had the handcuffs on us, tight. Well, it wasn’t no rope around our necks, nothing big I guess. The dogs were barking like crazy at us, I wanted to growl at them to shut up. They pulled us back, making us go where they wanted to go, I didn’t want to go, but they made me go in front of them, and if I stopped, they would step on my feet, what a pain.

They lead us into a small car, I tried my best not to get in, but the finally, after about ten minutes, they got me in. He was cussing at me under his dog’s barking. He was mad at me, maybe I might have tried to bite his arm, missed ad bit his side, but that didn’t matter, did it? The other cops were around the car; maybe they knew us, or Jessy and her killings.

“Where are we going?” I asked the dude in blue.

“Where do you think? You’re going to jail!” He yelled at me, I puffed as a reply.

“What about court, wait let me guess, they already decided!” She snarled at him, and he nodded back. What about jail, what did I do, besides the fact a few days or so ago I was slashed while trying to help them?! Must not remember, I was a wolf then, bonehead.

We stopped in front of a huge building, one were there were wired gates and well, jail looking. I hated the sound, metal hitting metal, people talking bad, not always my thing. The people were dangerous and smelled bad I walked in.

“Here she is, The Killer Cat.” He said to another guy, bit whoop, she’s a gun cat, not much claw action, which does suck. He looked at me and Kyle; he didn’t know who we were, in his face. “There are also these people. We don’t know who they are, yet.” He joked to the other guy, not funny. I glared at a man that walked by, he stared at me, and then pulled a gun out, trembling in his feet.

“Don’t shot!” The guy yelled to the gun man, what were all these humans problem? I glared at him, really, a gun at me; then again, I can see why he did it.

“Kids, state your names!” One guy yelled to me, I looked at him, what to say to lie to him?

“Well, you’re going away!” Me, Kyle and Jessy all started to laugh.

“Not funny!” He said, grabbing my shirt, I bit his hand. He pulled back fast, making more of a tear, so I tasted more blood. The other guy tried to pull my mouth off him, I looked wolfish, but not fully wolf. He was freaking out, I was mad at him for touching. The others were watching in fear at me, and Jessy tried to bit off her handcuffs, I saw a man run over with a gun, loading it, gong to shot soon. I took my mouth off, and blood dripped from my mouth, he stopped, almost going to shot at me.

“Grab her!” I heard one man say. I had little time to growl and bit, I was hit hard on my back, and then pushed against a wall, almost knocked out. I growled loud, and they didn’t get what I was, my fangs were showing, and I had my wolf ears, they thought that was weird. Who knew I could show part of my wolf body while I’m human? One grabbed my right ear, and I was pushed more, so my ear was being pulled, hard. The guy let go, then went away, seeing her wasn’t meant to be here.

“Get a muzzle on her! Now!” He yelled, as I growled and snapped. Soon, though, we all had a cage thing around our mouths, nothing to hold us back. Now we had nothing to use, except our animal side. I glared over to Kyle, he was all calm about this, and I wasn’t. So was Jessy, there was nothing good, right? A door opened, and a girl walked in, Anna. Was she with them, as she walked by I glared at her, she gave a sorry look at me.

“That’s them; they were the ones that killed my dog!” She said, pointing mainly at me, and she got on her knees crying.

“What are you talking about?!” I said to her.

“You deserve this. You need to have it bad.” She looked at me, anger took over her. She growled at me, then walked up to me, and grabbed my shirt pulling me up. I couldn’t grab her hands off me, they were handcuffed together. A cop walked up behind her, she waited, then quickly dropped me, and punched him in the stomach. I heard a boom at the other end of the room, Kelly walked in with Mistix.

Anna ran behind me, unlocking my handcuffs. I at up, racing at one cop hitting him right side the head, making him fall limp. Another came in, shooting like crazy. I put my hands over my head, lowering a little. The packs, and tigers, were outside. Not being chased. Anna was by my side, we needed out. A felt something go into my back, it started to bleed, deadly bad. I looked full human, and that meant I could get hurt more easily. I feel over, feeling people touch me, and yelling at others. Plus howling, from my pack. Then more blood spilled, as Kyle tigered on some cops, and they were screaming like little girls.

I didn’t see anymore, but did feel bloody hands lift me up off the ground; I just lay there, letting the person do whatever. I heard the pack shout with joy, Mistix, Kelly, Jessy and Anna, Kyle must be holding me. He put me on the ground, dirt and some grass; there was water close, by the sounds.

“Alue? Are you ok? Should we take her to the doctors?” he said, the word doctor made me want to get up and yell I’m fine, to much blood loss made me weak.

“Ya, come on. Pick her up.” I heard Jessy say to him, then this time cold hands lifted me, he washed his hands, good, like I wasn’t bloodstained enough.
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Bright Lights Are Really Annoying

Voices were coming to me, who were they? I didn’t know any, they also were flashing lights in my eyes, and if they wanted me to open my eyes they should stop that before I get blind! One keep saying keep her alive! Ya, great job. I didn’t move, best time to rest, hopefully no one would come in and ruin it. Someone started to shine a light in my eyes more; I grabbed the person’s arm, lifting it away.

“Great job! Blinding must be so fun!” I joked to them; they were looking at me weirdly. I sat up, to see my pack, and the tigers, in the same room, smiling at me, still they had a weird look on there face. “What?” I asked, no one said a word. I started to growl at them.

“It’s, uh, on your back?” Kelly pointed to my back, as I felt some scales. What the heck is that? I turned my head, trying to see my back. Spikes and scales. Guess, a dragon has them. They were green and skinny. I had dragon wings, I tried to move them, they didn’t move.

“How do I move them?” The doc shrugged at me. I started to get up, he pushed me back down.

“I’m sorry; Reed, but you need rest. I know you hate this, but you could die.” He said as though talking to a three year old. Did he know I was eleven?

“Dude, I’m eleven, and dangerous. You better back off or else.” I growled at him. He backed away slowly.

“Guess we can go?” I heard Mistix say. I looked at her, saying, get up and let’s go, like now. I sat up, then was about to jump off the bed thing, but my shoulder hurt as I put some weight down on it.

“Ow!” I yelped, thy turned to me, and then Kyle walked over, and put his arm under my hurt one helping me off. Mistix snorted a little. “What?!” I snapped. She ignored me, what a wussy thing to do.

“Nothing…Nothing at all.” She and Kelly laughed out loud, I decided to ignore it.

“Ow!” Kyle said. “Watch the wing will, ya?” He said.

“Sorry, I ain’t use to it.” I replied, and then gave a little laugh as he rubbed his head. The lights here were very bright, no like the ones at out old home. Even outside seemed darker! Door slide open as we walked out, people were going in and out. Hard to know what was going on. One person in a lab coat got out of a car, grabbing something, then put it in his jacket.

“Guys, look at that guy.” I whispered to them, they looked at him. The guy hummed a tune, happily. What the heck? If I was a cop, I’d be on him right now, but I’m not so ain’t my problem. He got out, kicking the door closed. I turned my head, making my hair cover my face.

“Alue, hide the wings.” Mistix said to me, sucking at whispering. I looked around, and Kyle handed me a cape, good. I tied it around my neck, so my wings were under it. It felt weird having them there, I wanted to see how my back looked, and so not stupid I hoped.

The guy was walking in, then started follow us. I looked at the others saying, go faster, now. We speed up a little; I looked back, seeing the dude. Crap.

“Run!” I yelled, we all took off, running forward. They looked at me, as we ran. “It’s Dr. Johns!” I shouted to them, and then we speed up, almost falling on things. I felt my back start to hurt from earlier, and the gun shots from Pit-Bull started to scare me. “Split up!” We all went different ways, I know, he was after me. But it’d protect the pack more.

I ran forward, he stopped shooting, as a tiger jumped in front of me; I slowed down, as he gave an evil cat grin, as I was a wolf with dragon wings. We both went back to human form.

“See it has finally kicked in.” He said to me, with a grin on his face.

“What the heck are you talking about?”

“Remember? The needle in you shoulder? That’s what.” He replied, I said nothing back for that.

“What do you want?” I growled at him.

“To ‘improve’ you.” He said, what did that mean? I looked at him, stupid thing to say, bonehead!

“Like wings?” He nodded in return, not much danger, but he really wanted to do it.

“Where’s Kyle?” He asked. He was random.

“Uh, I don’t know. Uh, why?” I asked back, this was really weird for me.

“I want to tell him what he might like to do.” He said back. What a power controller. I growled, saying nothing to him. He walked close to me, looking at how I was and stuff, like where I was hurt. “I am protecting you, Alue.” He said to me, no, he was shooting me, and crap.

“Really? Are you really protecting me?” I asked, he ignored me. Then took a needle out of his coat, taking some blood out my arm. I didn’t move, like it really mattered, this wasn’t going to give me like a horn on my head or anything, I hope.

“Time to go back.” He said to me, in a happy voice.

“No!” I shouted, he grabbed me arm, and hit my back. Making me follow him, what a, never mind. I got in the car, looking out my window to see my pack behind us, not moving, but Kyle shot out going after us.

“Looks like I am getting what I want.” He said to himself. I turned my head wanting to tell him not to come, I crossed my hands around my neck, and he ignored me, like anyone would do.

Just so you know, I did NOT get the idea of wings from Maximum Ride. It is from a dream.
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You Again!
Dr. Johns pulled over, close to a park, great place. A place where kids play and see everything that happens! Kyle jumped on the hood of the car (as a human) and growled at his dad. Pit-Bull opened the door, getting out, and smiling evil…Again.

“Kyle!” He exclaimed, what a weirdo. He clapped his hands, and Kyle jumped off the hood, and Pit-Bull waved him over to “talk.” Kyle walked right next to him, smiling at all happy. Father and son things, what a load of crap! I opened the door, going to make sure he was ok, not like, under a spell or anything.

When I got over, he was smiling at him, why though? What did the drunk dude say? Kyle whispered to Pit-Bull, something about how he liked what he was saying, and he nodded back to him. Kyle put his hands on the table, a got up, walking to me.

“Hey, Alue. Can you just take a needle in your arm for a sec? Please? He said you won’t change.” He pleased for me, I hesitated, then nodded and walked to Pit-Bull, who had a needle in his paws. Crap, what was in that thing? He grabbed my arm; I flinched but let in insert it. I gave a little, make him stop! Look.

“Done!” He said, then let me arm go. I walked fast back to Kyle, who was smiling.

“See, that didn’t hurt.” He joked to me. I punched his side, hard. He fell over a little.

“See, that didn’t hurt.” I joked back to him; he had a look that said, not funny dude, way not funny. I gave a smirk, and then walked back to the pack.

They were running down to the park, when I was walking back to the hospital. Kelly ran into me, knocking me off my feet, she gave a little laugh, then got up off of me.

“You’re ok. Why are you ok?” Mistix asked me.

“Really, truth be told; I have no clue.” I said back. She had nothing to say back; good I was tired of talking. I heard Dr. Johns running behind me.

“Wait! Alue!” He said, wanting me to come over.

“What is it?!” I snapped at him, as he stopped running in front of me, he was panting, hey is isn’t hard to run, you know? He straightened up, looking at me.

“I just wanted to say that you guys can come to my house any time to rest. Like, tonight maybe?” He asked what the heck?! He wants me dead, then dead gain, wants me alive, wants me dead, now at his house. Still as normal old me, no. Before I could talk Kyle spoke up.

“Sure!” He said to him. I looked at him with a you’re crazy, then dead. He looked at me with a sorry face. He came close to me, and whispered in my ear. “He has a lot of things; video games, toys, dogs, and guns.” He said to me, something that could kill Pit-Bull. Smart, I nodded, in smartish way.

“Uh, guys,” I started. “Who wants to run?” I asked. “Ok, I’ll run. But who else?” I asked again, Kyle rose his hand, then Jessy, that was it, I guess. I waved them to come, as Kelly and Mistix got in the second row in the car. Kyle, Jessy and I went to our animal form, why were we going anyways? Maybe for food, and not having to sleep on dirt.

I was closest to the car, and Kyle and Jessy were right behind me. When we stopped at a red light, I’d walk to the side door, to look at my pack mates.

I heard barking once while at a red light, and men yelling. Cops were here. I looked at the tigers, and then looked at Pit-Bulls mirror, and he saw me and stepped on it. We ran as fast as we could, guns shooting, and dogs were after us, dang them dogs. I hit my paw on a rock on the road, and started to tear a little, but keep running, males were cheering us on, what the heck for? Then the cops came, and some of the boys got on bikes, and threw things at their tires, making them go to flames. I stopped to look back at the fire and some boys after us now. When I did stop, they circled me; I gave a fierce growl for them to back off. They only laughed at me.

One older looking one walked over, another freak. Maybe a dog fighter, not differ though; I ain’t going with any humans. He pulled a gun and smiled, I changed back to human, fast, and hit his nose, making that bleed. He shot at me, and grazed my side.

“Who are you and why you here on our turf?” He asked. What did he mean by his turf?

“Car didn’t fit us all. Bonehead. And this ain’t yours.” I growled, as Jessy pounced on one of them.

Few seconds later, we were all on one. Three vs. three. They screamed like girls then left us, good. Dr. Johns finally seen that we weren’t there and came back. How stupid is he? Mistix and Kelly were at his house now, so we got to go into his car, yay.

It was cold in there, and the seats were leather, fun to rip. He watched the road, and I looked out the window, we all did pretty much. When we saw the house, it was big, like bigger than that office building he had before. I rolled down the window, sticking my head out.

“Why do dogs like sticking there heads out windows, I mean really?” Dr. Johns asked.

“I don’t kn-“ I heard dogs barking and growling at each other, and blood from one pin that was across two streets, this guy had a lot of room here.
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Dog Fights, And Flying

I leaned my head out the window, growling at the sound of growling fighting dogs. Blood was staining the ground as we passed grass fields. I sweated a little, mad at the doc. The smell of death and it all made me pull my head back in, angry, I looked at Dr. Johns.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, as though nothing had happen.

“What’s wrong?! The dog fights! What else?!” I snapped at him, he stopped the car, he seemed a little mad. He didn’t say anything; I didn’t care what he would say.

“Alue, calm down. There’s nothing we can do.” Kyle said, I looked angrily at him. I had nothing to say back, this guy had dogs that fought other dogs; we are dogs, not good. Plus he had a bunch of freaks. He relaxed a little, sitting back in the seat, as the bad guy went on with the driving.

“Oh, Alue, when we’re there, I want to tell you something,” He started. “Alone.” Flat and plain alone. Well, that would be easy, throw some food in front of the pack and they’ll not even notice I’m gone.

We pulled up to a shiny white house; wait till I play in the mud! There was clean glass, and well, clean things. Water fountain thing, and a big door, not my thing, and long poles that had indents on the sides of them. Fancy guy, wonder what was inside. Dr. Johns waved me over a way, to talk.

Where we were, it was grassy and grown bushes that were cut, and I still smelt the mower. Close by I saw a pool to swim in, and there were paths, plus benches.

“Here. Sit down Alue.” He offered, going by a bench, I sat on the grown, leaning on it.

“Go on, what did ya want to say?” I asked, I just wanted out. Bad.

“Well, I want to say what I want to happen to you.” He said, and then I didn’t talk. Let the drunks talk all they want. He turned around not looking at me. “I want to put some more animal DNA into your system. Like, I want you to have some lion, and normal cat.” He went on; I started to doze a little. I didn’t really pay attention. “Also some horse, for speed. You already have wings, that is step two. The first step you might want to ask? It was the human DNA, so you were able to look like a human.” He turned back around to me, seeing I was kind of sleeping. He walked closer, poking my shoulder, about three times. I jumped a little, he pulled back. I saw he was on his knees.

“Wha?” I asked, stupidly. “Oh, sorry. It’s a side effect. I doze off easily.” I said to him, looking normal.

“Really?” He asked, wanting to fix it I bet.

“No, you moron! You are so boring! It sounds all like history, with I so happen to hate!” I snapped at him, and he pulled back a little, I was mad and he knew it. Grabbing the bench, I pulled myself up, looking as he was staying on the ground, his hands on his knees. I stopped and looked back, still mad, I snapped at him. “Teach me to fly.” I barked at him.

“Sorry, Alue. I never learned how to fly,” He claimed, but then got up, looking at me. “But maybe I can help you.” He said, and then walked over, taking me to a big green place.

No, not a green house, to jungle. He opened a door, making sure nothing came out. “Here,” He said, I looked around, what is this? “There are birds here; maybe you can learn how to fly in here.” He insisted. Well, they did know how to fly.

“These animals are small, that might not be good.” I said back, as one bird came close to me, and I put my hand out batting at it. Pit-Bull grabbed my hand, pulling it down.

“Right, to the back!” He said, and then grabbed my arm, pulling me there. It was, warmer, and there was more water, and more lush plants. It smelled good, like flowers, and there were no birds though, who cares.

“Where are we?” I asked him, as he stood there, looking round like an idiot. There was no thing over it, no birds then.

“In your training room.” He replied, and then gave a whistled. I looked around to see glowing eyes staring at me, frozen in fear, it came closer to me. Dr. Johns was gone, great. The lizard thing’s head popped out from behind a bush, I was shocked on how big it was, and then once it came out. I saw it was a dragon. Cool.

It let out its wings, to fly as what it looked like. It had horns and it was green, like an imaginary dragon on them shows. It ran past me, surprised it could run that fast, then took off into the air, flying. I stared, try to find out how it flown. Did the doc know I didn’t even learn how to move my wings?

I tried to move them, again. They felt like they were moving, I looked back yes. They moved. I remembered how to me them, that could be good. After a few times of feeling them, I ran, letting them out, hoping to go high, not to high, I don’t want to fall too much.

I lifted off the ground, kind of screaming, and then I heard something. Guns, I looked down, not Dr. Johns, oh no! It was some hunters, after birds, and I was in danger. How to land? I needed to go, like right then.

I started to fall, dang. Well, now was a time to find out how to land, maybe how to die too. The wind whizzed by my body, as I heard men shouting with joy.

“It’s…A girl.” I heard one say, oh no!
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On A Lake

I rubbed my head, looking around. Only the salty air, where am I? I sat up, to feel blood on my arm, and three men that needed to shave looking at me. I blinked a few time before getting up. They were all standing around me, to close. I gave out a little growl, and they were smart and backed away.

“Where am I?” I asked, like a little, girl. If they didn’t give a good reply, I would hurt them, bad.

“Mississippi River. You ok?” He asked me, we were still in New Orleans, ok, that was fine I guess. Well, maybe that was where this river went through, not good with history.

“Ya, now get this net off me.” I kicked my leg up, as more rope went around me leg, I clawed at it.

“Uh, sure.” One said, then grabbed one end, pulling it off my legs. I pulled them in, hunching over them. I wanted out, now. One man let his hand out, going to help me up, I grabbed it, then pulled up. I looked around, there was a bridge, bad smells, and boats. We were hidden by some trees, and green water. This was a small wooden boat, like we only had one motor.

“Where are you meant to be, kid?” The same guy asked me. Well I have no clue, really.

“Uh, do y’all dog fight?” I asked, they looked at each other, frowning, what up with ‘em?

“No, we are meant to stop it. You do dog fights?” He asked me, I looked at him.

“No, but the person I am staying with does. Pit-Bull is his nickname. He must also be an ex-scientist.” I said back, I leaned on the wooden side, not liking how it felt. They made an hmmm sound to each other, not good.

“We’ll take you back, if you can let us arrest your friend.” He said back, or I could fly and not see the cops that shot at my back.

“He’s not my friend,” I snapped, then got calm again. “He’s my friend’s father.” I said, like I really cared about, ok I don’t want Kyle and Jessy to get killed or be studied, none of us want that. I shook my head, I was soon able to fly, I could do that, I think.

“Then why are you with him?” The guy asked, I had nothing to say, unless I wanted to blow our cover. They wouldn’t really help me, I think. With him, Kyle dragged me into it, ugh. His father, that’s really why.

“His son was with us, Pit-Bull asked if we wanted to go, and my friend said yes.” I said back, one of them started to laugh, I growled at him. “What?!” I snapped at him.

“Your guy friend.” He laughed out at me. I growled at him, he didn’t care.

“I am not him girl friend!” I barked at him, then crossed my arms over my chest. I hated when others said stuff like that to others, and now me mad me really mad. He looked over at me, grinning.

“It’s fine, kid. You look old for love, don’t try not to love him, if you like him.” He said bad, trying to sound all wise and old.

“He has tried to kill me.” I pushed against him, did he not understand that he hates me as much as I hate him? No, this idiot didn’t get any of it. “I need to go back.” I said, then got up, leaning over the edge of the boat. The man closest to me, grabbed me shirt, yanking me back. I yelped as he touched my spot that was hit, didn’t he know I was hit? “Ow! That hurt, y’all shot me there, ya know?”

“We didn’t shot you, we found you when you got caught in our fishing nets.” He said back, I thought he ha caught me, not anyone else. The people that shot me down must still be out there then, in hiding, oh no!

“Well then, I need to get out of here before they come and try to kill me.” I said, standing looking into the water, danger could be anywhere. Even underwater. He moved the boat to go to the left, to land. Handing me something orange, I didn’t take, I reached for the water, and then someone pulled me back, again.

“Here, show us to the place you are staying at.” He said again.

“No, if he is my friend’s father, then only if he wants it to happen.” I said, as we bumped into land. One of them jumped onto the wooden dock, going to a metal thing that had two points going to the side. He tied it around, guess so the boat wouldn’t move. I waited for the boat to sway to the dock, then jumped off, landing on the wood. It moved from side to side, making me run to the land that was really land.

“So, you do like the boy.” He said, I turned around, growling again.

“You don’t know anything about me or my pack. We are not human, we are different, and we were made to be like this.” I growled at him, he didn’t say anything. The other man, was behind me, putting his hand on my shoulder.

“Ma’am, we know what and who you are, we are cops, we were there when you were shot, and you have to show us where you’re staying.” He said, I knew he didn’t know it all, they never did.

“No, you don’t know us, at all,” I growled to him. “I am a wolf with dragon wings. Kyle and Jessy are tigers.” I snapped, then wolfed in front of him, as he froze in fear. I snarled, then jumped at him. My wings were there, and I was fighting him. He hit under my head, making it swing back.
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Lol, I am making a forum for this story X)
So I might stop posting it here and on the forum for it only.

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Alue Of The Wolves
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