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 Criminal Minds Fan Fiction

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PostSubject: Criminal Minds Fan Fiction   Criminal Minds Fan Fiction Icon_minitimeTue May 11, 2010 11:34 am

Reid stepped off the plane feeling uneasy. As soon as it had landed he’d gotten a gut feeling that something was wrong, that something had changed and he had a feeling that it had to do with Elle. Taking in a deep breath he moved with quick footsteps towards the parking lot.

“Reid,” Morgan called after him. The young doctor stopped walking and waited for his colleague to catch up.

“I’m serious. Don’t beat yourself up about this,” he said, laying a hand on Reid’s shoulder.

“I know,” Reid answered simply before shrugging off Derek’s hand and climbing into his car. Derek stepped back, allowing Reid enough space to pass him. The agent just shook his head as the car sped off down the road.

“Is he ok?” JJ asked.

“Can never tell with him,” Morgan answered.

Reid’s eyes were focused on the road ahead of him, the car somehow working with a mind of it’s own to bring him to the destination. He wasn’t entirely sure what he was going to say but he figured it would come to him. He pulled the car into the lot, letting out a breath he’d been holding in. His legs seemed to be working of their own volition, carrying him at lightning speed to the door of Elle’s apartment. He stopped; his hand poised to knock but didn’t complete the action. Did he really want to be here? What if she wasn’t home? Or worse, what if she didn’t want to talk to him? Shaking the doubts from the forefront of his mind he knocked twice on the hard wood. He took a step back as he heard footsteps within. They stopped short and after half a minute of suspenseful silence, the door was pulled open to reveal Elle.

“Reid,” she said simply.

“Elle…hi…I’m not bothering you am I? I can leave if you want. I just came to see how you were,” Reid babbled.

“No, you’re not bothering me. Come in,” Elle answered, opening the door wider to allow him entrance. Reid crossed the threshold and once he had passed her, Elle closed the door.

‘So, how are you?” Reid asked, his hands shoved in his pockets.

“Why don’t we sit down?” Elle suggested, walking past him to a couch. He dutifully followed and took a seat.

“Do you want something to drink?”

“No thank you.”

“Well…how are you?” Reid repeated. She was avoiding the question.

“I…I’m not sure,” Elle admitted, sitting across from him, a glass of scotch in her hand.

“Want to talk about it?” he asked.

“I killed him, Reid. I went to his apartment and I shot William Lee. He was unarmed,” she admitted, tears stinging the corners of her eyes.

“And…I quit the Bureau,” she added quickly.

Reid didn’t know what to say. The news hit him like a ton of bricks and guilt returned full force. He stood and began to pace back and forth in front of the couch, trying to wrap his head around the fact that Elle was a murderer.

“Why?” was all he could say.

“I felt what those women felt. They should have been able to feel safe in their own homes and they couldn’t,” she explained after downing her drink.

“And neither could I,” she muttered in a softer tone. All this emotion was starting to overwhelm Reid.

“I never should have left that night. If I hadn’t left, then you wouldn’t have done it. You wouldn’t have killed Lee and you wouldn’t have had to leave the Bureau,” Reid berated himself.

“No, Reid. It’s not your fault. It was my choice. I chose to do what I did,” Elle countered, standing up and grabbing him, turning him to face her.

He couldn’t speak. He was too overcome with emotions. He felt guilt and frustration and a whole host of other emotions he didn’t care to classify at the moment. He stared at her and without thinking just pulled her into a tight hug. Elle inhaled slightly at the gesture. She hadn’t expected him to do that but she returned the hug full force. He rested his head on her shoulder, fighting back tears. One finally managed to slither down his cheek and onto her shirt.

“In all my life, I’ve never known Dr. Spencer Reid to cry,” she whispered, half laughing.

“I’m going to miss you,” he breathed, pulling back to gaze at her face again.

“You’re always welcome here, Reid,” she assured him. She would have said more but any attempt was stayed by his lips brushing ever-so-lightly against her.

“I should go,” he murmured, pulling away, embarrassment encroaching fast on his cheeks.

“You don’t have to,” Elle told him with a smile.

“I don’t think I can do this…yet,” he explained before hugging her lightly once more and heading for the door. She followed him and laid her hand on the door handle.

“I’m not going anywhere,” she whispered as he gave her a smile and left.


This isn't a role play so don't reply!

This is a fan fiction from my favorite show, Criminal Minds. It's hard to understand if you haven't seen the first season so don't ask me to explain... ^^'

Comments and Critiques are welcome! This may be part of a story I want to write eventually this summer so any ideas and crits to make things better are welcome!

((Characters Copyrighted to CBS))
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PostSubject: Re: Criminal Minds Fan Fiction   Criminal Minds Fan Fiction Icon_minitimeTue May 11, 2010 6:55 pm

Should I add to this and post it?
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PostSubject: Re: Criminal Minds Fan Fiction   Criminal Minds Fan Fiction Icon_minitimeTue May 11, 2010 7:05 pm

I like it! ^^ Add more!
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PostSubject: Re: Criminal Minds Fan Fiction   Criminal Minds Fan Fiction Icon_minitimeTue May 11, 2010 7:08 pm

You think so?

I'll have some more up by tonight! ^^ Should they get into a relationship or pretend to not like each other until they are like randomly alone and all that jazz?
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PostSubject: Re: Criminal Minds Fan Fiction   Criminal Minds Fan Fiction Icon_minitimeThu May 13, 2010 2:19 pm

Spencer walked quickly away from the door of Elle’s apartment. That was terrifying! She probably thinks I’m obsessed with her now! Well, you are! Reid stopped arguing with himself as he heard Elle’s soft voice. He turned to see her running out of her apartment with a suitcase.
“Reid! Wait!” Elle yelled across the parking lot.
Reid turned to see Elle racing over to his car. She looked gorgeous in her little black night gown. He answered, “What? What’s wrong?!”
Elle stopped in front of Reid. “Sorry to startle you.” She glanced down in embarrassment and asked, “I-I feel insecure staying in my apartment since…. You know.” She couldn’t make eye contact with him without getting all flustered. “Can I come to your place and sleep on the couch or something? You can say no, I just can go get a hotel room…”
“No! No, you are definitely welcome to come over!” His hands got all shaky as he tried to open the truck of his car for her to put her suitcase in. Relax, she just wants company, nothing special! He loaded her case in the trunk and she took her place in the passenger’s seat.
Elle felt a smile tugging at her mouth. She gave in and hugged Reid close to her. “Thanks a lot.” That was all her mind could think to say to him right then. She hopped into his car and they began the half an hour drive to his house in the city of Quantico.
Reid glanced over at Elle while driving. He got caught up in her beautiful hair and how pretty she was without makeup on. She looks good in anything she puts on, He thought to himself. Focusing on the road ahead of him, he began to plan what he would do to make her feel comfortable. “Is there anything I can do for you to make this any better? Do you need to talk to someone about…” He couldn’t finish the sentence, he despised the man who almost killed her. He let out a breath of frustration just thinking about that jerk.
Elle heard him ask her if she wanted to talk. They way he sighed afterward got her curious. “Why are you frustrated? Is it me? Do I need to leave?” She looked at Reid anxiously.
Oh great! She noticed your emotional breath… “I-I just really, uhm…. don’t like thinking about you being hurt…” His palms were sweaty and he felt nervous about her response.
Awww, he cares about you! Wait, he cares about me? She didn’t know what to say to that exactly. “It.. was really dark, I remember. After he shot me, I used all the energy I had to call 911. After they picked up, I blacked out…” She felt tears in her eyes. Talking about this really scared her. A single tear flowed down her cheek and onto her gown. Her voice cracking, she said, “I was scared, Reid! I don’t get scared! I almost died, I saw angels and….” Tears streamed down her face uncontrollably.
Reid, without thinking, took his hand and wiped the tear from her pretty face. “It’s ok, no one can hurt you now. You’re safe with me.” Oh that sounded better in his head! “I…I mean with the BAU! You… you’re safe with us…” She smiled at him and he grabbed her hand to comfort her.
Elle felt chills run down her spine as he grabbed her hand. She looked at him and saw his cheeks flush red with embarrassment. She smiled and got out of his car as they reached his home. Elle lifted her bag out of the trunk and allowed Reid to lead her to his door step. “Your apartment looks nice on the outside.” She said simply. As he opened the door, she walked inside and placed her bags down on his floor. “Well, well, well Dr. Reid I never knew you were the decorative type,” said Elle as she scanned all of the walls which were covered in paintings and a nice shade of dark red. “I should get you to decorate my apartment,” she laughed.
Reid carried her bags to his bedroom and placed them on his desk chair. “You can sleep in the bed if you want, I’ll go and rest on the couch until you feel comfortable going home,” he told her. He turned to go change into his pajamas but Elle stopped him, arguing that she could sleep on the couch.
“No, you sleep where and how you normally do. Pretend I’m not even here!”
Reid thought to himself, Now how am I supposed to pretend she’s not here? Does she know that she’s just…. He never finished the thought. “Elle, please, you’re the guest, make yourself at home. I mean, I….love, uh, having you over,” he stuttered.
“Oh fine, you win Reid!” Elle laughed. “So what movies do you have? I want to watch something!”
“That’s not demanding at all,” he joked playfully.
“Well, you said make yourself at home so I am!” Elle joked back. “I’m kidding with you Reid. But seriously, what movies do you have?”
Reid smiled as she laughed, she was so pretty! “Uh, movies! Um, well, I have a variety, what do you like?”
“Whatever you want to watch is fine; I just fall asleep to the TV at night usually. Just to have some noise,” she explained.
Reid picked the movie out and settled on the couch, on opposite side from Elle.
Elle noticed he sat far away from her. She threw a pillow at him playfully and said, “You know, I’m not going to bite you, you can sit within three feet of me.” She smiled as he tossed the pillow back at her and scooted closer to her. Close enough to where his arm could go around her. She glanced sideways to find him quickly look away. Was he staring at me? Elle was a bit disappointed when he didn’t make any moves to get closer to her. So, Elle took it upon herself to snuggle into his chest. She smiled and stated, “Sorry, you looked so warm and cuddly!” When he turned red, she giggled and ruffled his hair. “Reid, you’re so cute.”
Reid blushed when Elle told him he looked ‘cuddly’. She ruffled his hair and he lost it.
“Elle, I…I need to tell you something….”
Elle eyed him with her eyebrows raised at his tone of voice. “Yes.” She replied
“I… Since the day I first met you, I… I thought you were really pretty and, well…. I think I have a crush on you Elle…” Reid glanced down in embarrassment. Why did you say anything?! She’s so out of your league!
“I had a feeling you were going to say that.”
“Wh…What? Why?” He stammered turning bright red again.
Elle laughed, “Well, you do have a crush on a profiler, correct?”
“Yeah, I guess that the disadvantage to me, you know what I’m thinking almost.” Reid smiled and put his arm around her shoulders and hugged her close.
Elle smacked him with a pillow and then slowly leaned into his chest. He out his arms around her and she curiously asked, “When did you decide you liked me this much Dr. Reid?”
Reid glanced down and shyly mumbled, “About… a year ago.”
Awwwww! He’s so cute! “Oh my God Reid! Why didn’t you say anything to me?”
He looked into her pretty brown eyes and answered, “I-I was afraid you wouldn’t like me back…”
Elle was touched. She smiled sweetly at him and put her head on his shoulders and continued watching the movie. A whole year and he didn’t say a word to me. Wow, that’s crazy. With that thought and a smile on her face, she fell asleep with him on the couch.

((Part III is comming soon!))
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PostSubject: Re: Criminal Minds Fan Fiction   Criminal Minds Fan Fiction Icon_minitimeThu May 13, 2010 9:03 pm

Reid inhaled Elle’s sweet scent. She smelled like minty cucumbers. Odd combination…. He thought to himself. He softly stroked her head and fell asleep with her head next to his.
The next morning, Reid awoke with Elle’s arms wrapped around his chest as if she were hugging him. His arms were around her waist aswell. Not wanting to disturb her, he watched her sleep until she caught him off guard by whispering, “Don’t watch me sleep, Reid.” Her grip tightened on him and he answered
“Sorry. You just look so peaceful and gorgeous when you sleep,” he mumbled shyly.
Elle opened her eyes and looked at him. That was so sweet! “Oh Reid, you’re just saying that…” Elle said as she twirled her long hair, flustered by his loving gaze.
“No, I’m not! Really, you… you are really pretty…” He said softly while stroking her head.
Elle smiled at him and pulled him closer to her. “You treat me so well Spencer.”
“Well, I… I do like you a lot. Typically in a relationship, the male tends to treat the woman with more respect because he feels the urge to claim his terr-“
Elle laughed as he babbled. Without thinking, she reached up and kissed him gently on the lips, cutting him off. She wanted to stop because she wasn’t sure if he was ready for that. “Oh my God, I…shouldn’t have done that, I’m sorry Reid….”
Elle cut him off by kissing him softly. At first, he was shocked and didn’t know how to respond, but he eventually kissed back and reluctantly pulled away. “Don’t be sorry Elle, it’s ok,” he laughed as he stroked her cheek slowly. He loved the way her dimples expanded when she laughed or smiled, it was beautiful. “Do you want breakfast?”
“Oooo, breakfast! Yes I would love it,” Elle said enthusiastically. “You cook?”
“Yeah, I learned in college since I wasn’t old enough to be ‘off on my own’.”
“Well, typically you don’t graduate when your 14 years old.”
He smiled and laughed, “That’s typical; in normal people. I’m not your average dude!”
“No, you aren’t average I can say that for ya,” Elle said with a smile. She hugged him as he handed her breakfast. The plate consisted of three pancakes with butter and drenched in syrup. How did he know I love syrup? She shook it off and finished up her delicious meal.
“Is it good? I didn’t mess it up did I,” asked Reid nervously. He really wanted to do well for her as much as possible.
Elle glanced up and kept a straight face. “I need to give you a lesson on Profiling. Try to profile me. You’ve worked with profilers’ long enough, try me,” Elle directed.
Reid smiled and said, “Ok, well, you think it great because you just ate the whole thing and you were careless enough to miss a drop of syrup that’s about to fall from your chin.” He gently wiped it off and she laughed her angel like laugh.
“Well done Dr. Reid! Impressive! Although, I gave it away by not wiping my mouth,” she giggled as he wiped it off her face. His touch was so gentle and comforting. She grabbed his hand and hugged it close to her chest.
Reid laughed nervously. She actually wants to touch me! He pulled her into a soft hug and she let out a dreamy breath. She really does like me! Oh my God this is too good to be true, he thought as he smiled and kissed Elle’s forehead. “We had better get to work! Did you bring clothes to change,” he asked, hoping she did because he couldn’t help her if she didn’t.
Elle answered, “Yes of course I brought them!”
“Just checking,” said Reid as his hands went up in mock surrender. Elle shoved him playfully and went into his bathroom to change. She changed into a fitting business suit that fit pretty snug and matching pants. Elle definitely looked official after she strapped her gun and ID onto the bottom of her shirt. She stepped out and followed Reid to his car. She bent over to pick up her suit case and her shirt rose up enough to reveal a crimson colored thong without her noticing.
Reid’s eyes widened as her shirt rose up. Oh Jesus Christ…. he couldn’t help but stare. He turned red and walked around the front of the car and got inside. Just relax would you please? He rubbed his face as she got into the car. He started the engine and sped to the BAU office.
Elle looked at Reid. He seemed flustered about something. “What’s up with you,” she asked half joking. She wiped a smudge of lipstick off of his cheek and laughed, “Better wipe that off so no one thinks I assaulted you!” She giggled as he turned red. As their car pulled into the parking lot, Elle put on black sunglasses and stepped out. “We have to tell Hotch about us eventually Spencer,” stated Elle.
Reid sighed at the thought of anyone knowing about them. “Can we just keep it to ourselves for now?”
Elle looked at him with one eyebrow raised.
“Please,” begged Reid, giving Elle his puppy dog face.
“Oh fine! Just because you’re so cute when you look at me like that!” Elle laughed. She hadn’t been this happy with a guy in a long time. Actually, never! She and Reid walked into the office and went to their desks. Elle let out a depressed sigh when she saw twenty three case files on her desk. She moaned, “I shouldn’t have taken the weekend off!” Just then, she realized she forgot her contacts at her apartment. Oh no! I can’t see a damn thing without them! I don’t want to be seen in glasses either… ugh!!!! Reluctantly, she pulled her backup glasses out of her drawer and placed them on her nose. The rectangular frames, she thought made her look like a nerd. They were all back and had small gems on the sides. She looked around every few minutes to see if anyone was staring at her but no one was. Ok, maybe no one will notice me….she thought. As soon as she thought that, Reid came up behind her and placed his hand softly on her shoulders. Elle jumped and said, startled, “OhmyGod!” She turned, quickly removing her glasses so he wouldn’t see. “You scared me,” Elle said frustrated.
Reid saw her take off her glasses. She has glasses? I didn’t know that. Reid pushed, “Lemme see the glasses on you.”
“What? I-I don’t have glasses!” Stammered Elle.
“I just saw them Elle! C’mon, they can’t be that bad!”
Elle realized she had been defeated and gave in. “Oh fine. You want to see them so bad.” Elle regretfully put them on the bridge of her nose and looked at Reid. “There, you can’t laugh now Reid. I told you I looked like a dork!”
Reid thought she looked beautiful. “You look gorgeous, don’t worry about it!”
Elle rolled her eyes, trying to look angry but she knew Reid could see right through her. “You saw them; now go do your genius work, ok,” Elle shoed him away from her desk and sighed.
Penelope Garcia had been watching the whole episode and typed an IM message and sent it to Elle and her friend, JJ Jeraeu. It read:
I smell a romance brewing between a certain someone!
JJ replied within seconds, OMG WHO!???
Take a look at the lady to your far right…. Wink
Elle? No way! With who?
Boy Genius. Lol
I know right? I’m gonna tease her, hang on. Smile
Penelope typed up a teasing message and sent it to Elle.
Oooo lala, Elle! You and Boy Genius! Since when mama cita? Lmao!
Elle heard a ding on her computer and opened the message and read it. She rolled her eyes and replied back harshly:
Since never! Jesus, can’t I be nice to someone without being attracted to them!?
Geez, who peed in your corn flakes this morning? >8C
Elle let out a snort of laughter as she read that note.
Very mature Garcia. Lemme guess, you told JJ too?
Mature is my middle name sweet cheeks! Smile
Lol, you wish it was… I’m doomed….
By love bird.
Shut up…. Lucky for you my gun is locked up!
Elle giggled and minimized IM. Garcia always made her laugh. Elle put her glasses back on and continued with her case files. She was reading currently about an online child ‘hunter’. Basically, the predator hunts for children on the internet and gets a hold of any info they can get to about them. They catch them in chat rooms and ask for a face to face meeting and abduct them there. About every 40 seconds in the United States, a child is reported missing or abducted. That translates to over 2,000 children per day, under 18 years of age or 800,000 per year. Sick minded jerks….Elle thought to herself. “Child victims of "stereotypical kidnappings, "40 percent are killed, 4 percent are never found, 71 percent are by a stranger and 29 percent are by a slight acquaintance." Elle continued reading the statistics until Reid showed up with Morgan and JJ.
Reid asked her, “We are going to head out to lunch, want to come?” He had originally planned to take out alone, but his friends insisted they come too. He also didn’t want suspicions but it was too late for that.
“Yeah, let me put this stuff up and I’ll meet you guys down at the lobby,” she said cheerfully.
Reid was happy she was coming. Elle was all he had been thinking about this morning. He walked with the two other BAU agents and met Elle in the lobby as promised. “They know,” Reid told her quietly.
“I figured. I was IMing Garcia today and well, she told JJ and JJ told Morgan,” Elle laughed. “It’s ok, I’ll work it out with Hotch.”
Reid smiled as she told him that. She was good at persuading so it would probably be ok. He held the door for her and JJ. As they walked inside the small diner, Reid couldn’t help but laugh as Elle, who refused to wear her glasses into public, struggled to read the menu. Reid teased her, “Uh, sweetheart, do I need to read that menu to you?”
Elle peeked over the menu and kicked him under the table. “No, I can manage thanks.” She replied grouchily. Damn eyes….. She glanced at Reid who was still eyeing her mischievously. “What!?”
Reid laughed, “You are so cute when you pout Ellie!” Reid knew he was embarrassing her in front of JJ and Morgan, but it’s what boyfriends do, mess with their girlfriends to piss them off.
Elle’s face flushed red when he called her ‘Ellie’. “JJ, let’s go to the bathroom…”
Reid laughed as she glared at him, trying to be mad. He could tell she was enjoying the attention. He turned to face Morgan and pulled out some cards. “Wanna play a quick game?”
Morgan looked at Reid and said, “No cheating Boy Genius!”
“Fine! Fine, I won’t, just pay attention,” exclaimed Reid. He shuffled and handed Morgan his cards for Texas Hold em’. “So Morgan, why don’t you tell JJ you like her?”
Morgan looked up, “I won’t because I don’t like her Reid,” he replied laughing. “Besides, she knows I’m not ready to settle down yet. I’m really not, and she’s not the girl for me anyhow.”
“You know, my mom told me that when a man becomes ready to settle down with a woman, that the women that are ready to start a family find you.”
Morgan laughed, “You sayin’ I’m not on top of my game right now?”
Reid snickered, “No, I was distracting you so I could switch these cards out without you noticing.”
Morgan threw his cards down on the table, “You sly bastard!”
“Haha when are you going to learn to never play cards with a genius, Morgan? Or a magician,” said Reid triumphantly.
Elle walked back from the bathroom to see Morgan gripping at Reid for something. She giggled, “Now what did he do Morgan?”
Morgan said, “Your boyfriend just cheated me in cards!”
Reid stood up for himself and said, “I told him to pay close attention!”
Elle laughed, “You two sound like brothers…”

((There will be a part 4! Feel free to post your comments!))
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PostSubject: Re: Criminal Minds Fan Fiction   Criminal Minds Fan Fiction Icon_minitimeFri May 14, 2010 11:34 am

Reid watched Elle as she finally figured out what she wanted and fell even more in love with her. She was so…. Perfect! Her hair, her eyes, the way she talked to him, she was confident and kind when she wasn’t armed. Reid was so caught up in thinking about Elle, he didn’t notice the waitress who had been waiting for him to accept his plate. Flustered, he muttered, “Oh, uh… sorry, er thank you.” Blushing, he looked up to see Morgan teasing him by making kissing noised. Elle, who had been sitting next to him, punched him on the arm playfully. The team of FBI members finished their meals and headed back to the office. On the way, the topic of fears came up and they all asked each other about their own fears.
Morgan asked JJ, “So JJ, why are you afraid of the woods? I remember the case in Virginia, you didn’t want to go into the woods with us. Why?”
JJ gave him a scared look, “Well, when I was in college, I was a counselor at a summer camp for young girls. It was my last year to be eligible to work there so I was a senior and it was in the woods. It was night time and I had just finished tucking in the girls in my cabin and so I left to go to my room. I needed to get something from the outdoors room and began walking over there. Everything seemed normal until I found blood leading to the head councilor’s room. I followed it and found her in her bed, face down, dead.” JJ took a long, shaky breath as if remembering this scared her. “I ran out of there so fast, screaming really loud. One of the other counselors heard me and came to see what was up. I mean, it was all so dark and… ugh, it was horrible. So I guess that’s when I decided, I didn’t really like the woods.”
Reid looked mortified and took a nervous swallow. Elle shook her head with a sympathetic look on her face. Morgan asked, “Oh man, JJ, you serious?”
JJ looked at him with a blank stare. She answered bluntly, “No, haha what no! I mean God, I don’t know why I don’t like the woods! I just don’t! I mean why is Reid still afraid of the dark?!”
Reid stood up for himself, “It’s an inherent absence of light!”
Morgan looked at her and laughed, “Oh wow JJ, that was pretty good, but remember pay back’s a bitch!”
JJ giggled, “Oooo, I’m shakin’”!

Elle laughed at JJ’s prank. She smiled to herself as they all parted ways to go back to her desk. That’s when she realized, I’m not alone. They are my family; my team will be with me. Ever since her shooting incident, she had been afraid to be alone. She had been afraid to be in the dark, and to be in her own home. Elle felt a new blast of courage and decided no one would be able to hurt her like that again. She smiled as Hotch walked in and announced a case that would be in Virginia. She turned to JJ and teased, “Hopefully it’s not in the woods.”
JJ laughed and muttered, “Shut up Ellie!” JJ used the name Reid had called her at lunch. She blushed again as she continued to file her cases in alphabetical order before the team of BAU agents left for their homes to pack for the trip the next day. Elle took off her glasses and began walking to her usual parking place. She got there and remembered she had come with Reid. She went down to the Tech floor and found him and Garcia deciphering some complicated code on their system. “Hey Boy Genius, you almost finished? I gotta get home,” she said with mock impatience.
Reid turned and said, “Sorry, it’ll be another fifteen minutes before I can go. You want to see what we’re doing,” he asked hopefully.
Elle picked up her coffee from the table, “Sure, I’ll watch.” She walked over to where Reid was standing and saw Garcia typing furiously at her keyboard. Elle set her coffee cup down on one of Garcia’s appliances. She turned to watch but Garcia stopped and chunked her coffee in the trash. Elle exclaimed frustrated, “Hey, I was still drinking that!”
Garcia replied in an awkward tone, “Not only is this equipment very expensive but it also is very touchy. It has feelings!”
Elle and Reid exchanged a weird glance and continued to watch her work. Fifteen minutes had passed and Reid said to Garcia, “I better get Elle home.”
Garcia teased, “Ok muffin don’t try anything. Be safe at all ti-“
Elle cut her off, “OK, GARCIA, we get it!”
She giggled, “Bye loves!”

((PART 5 IS COMING SOON!!!!! Stay tuned! *dramatic music*))
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PostSubject: Re: Criminal Minds Fan Fiction   Criminal Minds Fan Fiction Icon_minitimeFri May 14, 2010 6:50 pm

Oh my God!!! Where do you get this?? Do you just write it as you watch it??
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PostSubject: Re: Criminal Minds Fan Fiction   Criminal Minds Fan Fiction Icon_minitimeSat May 15, 2010 7:56 am

I made it up!
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As Elle was leaving the Tech room, she couldn’t see that the clear glass door had been shut behind her. She kept walking as if it was open and ran head first into it. Stunned she grumbled, “Damn eyes….” She heard Reid laugh at her and she turned and said, “Hey! Shut up!” She turned and walked quickly to his car.
Reid messed with her by saying, “You’re so cute when you pout Elle,” as they both got into the car to go to his house.
Elle replied half laughing, “Reid, shut up and drive!”

They reached Elle’s apartment and she and Reid walked inside. Reid helped Elle pack and soon enough, they were on their way to the airport to fly to Virginia. Elle put her luggage down and allowed them to put it on the plane. She walked into the plane and found a seat next to Reid and Morgan. She got out her iPod and shut her eyes as the pilot announced the plane was going to take off.
Reid glanced over Elle’s shoulder to see her listening to her iPod. She had her eyes closed and she, yet again, muttered, “Reid, I said not to watch me sleep!” Reid looked away quickly and continued reading. He heard her laugh and soon, she was sitting next to him, making small talk. Reid swallowed nervously before sliding his arm around her. She giggled and kissed him, which turned into a scene. She stopped when Derek began taking pictures of them. Mad, Elle took off after Derek, screaming at him in Spanish. Elle chased Morgan around the plane, tripping over suitcases and seats. Spencer knew what she was saying and he laughed as she finally pinned Morgan down on the plane floor after five minutes of chasing him around the plane. “Jesus Morgan! Really?!” She grabbed the camera and shoved it into her briefcase. She sat down next to Reid again and he was holding in a laugh. She asked half laughing, “What’s so funny?”
Reid burst out laughing, “You do realize I videotaped the whole thing right?” Reid got up and bolted as Elle chased him for the video camera.
“REID! THAT’S NOT FUNNY,” Elle screamed at him. She continued laughing and running and finally she stopped, out of breath. “Ok, you win….”
Morgan laughed, “This is so going on Youtube and Facebook.”
Elle replied, “I’m de-friending you then!”

As the plane landed, Elle walked off and went to check in at their hotel. She and the team met in the small eating area set up in the lobby. Hotch and Gideon explained the case and they all parted ways and went to their rooms. Elle immediately changed into her sleep clothes and fell asleep.
Reid was in the room next to Elle. He had silently prayed that they would run out of rooms and he would have to share with her but it didn’t happen. Reid tried to fall asleep but all he could think about was Elle. Scenes from her just played over and over again in his head. He mumbled to himself, “Oh my God Spencer go to sleep!”
Elle woke up to the sound of Reid’s voice. He was grumbling to himself in the next room over so she knocked on the wall and said, “Reid? What’s wrong with you!? It’s two in the morning!”
Reid laughed at Elle’s response, “Why are you up then?”
“Your moaning and groaning woke me up! What’s up with you!?” Elle asked with a frustrated whisper. Elle was actually glad he was up; she wanted to hear his voice.
Reid laughed as Elle groaned, “Can I come over?”
Elle mock gasped and asked, “And do what?” She knew he wouldn’t do anything, but she wanted to give him grief just for fun.
Reid blushed and muttered, “Geez, I just want to see you.”
“Oh fine! Hurry up,” Elle giggled. She heard his bed creak as he got up and he left the room. Within seconds, he was softly knocking at her door. She smirked and let him in.
Reid smiled as Elle smirked. He walked in and she shut the door and locked it. “I just like being with you,” Reid mumbled shyly.
Elle sat next to Reid and hugged him, smiling. “You won’t want to be with me at three o’clock in the morning. Just a fair warning,” Elle said.
Reid wanted to be with her all the time. She’s all he ever thought about. “Yes I do,” he replied sweetly.
Elle eyed him and pulled him back onto the bed with her. “You’re so sweet Reid,” Elle said with a yawn and kissed his cheek. She rested her head on his chest and closed her eyes. She felt Reid stroke her hair and she sighed softly. They were perfect together! Their personalities were way different but that wasn’t a bad thing. She had always been the pretty, well liked team member. Reid was a smart, shy and reserved guy with glasses that most men and women ignored. Elle whispered, “Make sure and get back to your room before anyone wakes up, ok?”
Reid’s eyes opened at the sound of her voice. He replied, “I know.”
Elle smiled and snuggled into his chest, “Fine. Then go to sleep,” Elle said with humor in her voice. Reid put his arms around her and she put her hands on his chest and fell into a deep sleep.
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That is really good!
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thank you!
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Reid woke up the next morning with Elle on his chest still. He smiled and glanced at the clock, it was 7:45. They had to meet at 11:45 in the lobby with the rest of the team. He didn’t want to wake Elle up so he just went back to sleep. Elle shifted in her sleep and let out a laugh. He opened his eyes and looked at her. She was sleep talking. He waited to see if she would say anything else. “Reid! Quit being bad!” She said in her sleep. Reid blushed. She’s dreaming about me like that!? Reid decided he would wake her up. He gently poked her side and she shot up. She looked flustered and delirious. Reid smiled and hugged her gently. “What in the hell were you dreaming about?” He asked with a smirk on his face.
Elle turned and smirked back, “You,” she replied. Elle always dreamt about him. It was kind of silly to be this in love with someone. Elle got up off the bed and got ready to go meet Hotch and the rest of the team down stairs. She heard Reid leave and she smiled to herself, biting down on her bottom lip as she thought of her future with him. She was ready to go about the door and her cell rang.
“Greenaway,” she answered professionally.
“Elle, it Gideon, I need you and Reid to meet us at a house where we believe the unsub is hiding.”
“You got it. Address?”
“ It’s here in Virginia. 2543 Garland Way.”
“ Ok, be there in ten.” Elle hung up and got Reid out of his room. “Come on, we have to go meet the team at this address, I’ll meet you in the lobby.”
Reid got his gun holster, badge and sling bag and rushed outside with Elle. They both got into their black SUV and sped off to the scene. Elle asked, “Ok, did you get the case files and our unsubs profile?”
“Yeah. Got them,” he replied. “He seems to be a very emotionally disturbed man. He isn’t sane at any degree.” He saw the mansion as they pulled into the gravel drive way. He and Elle stepped out and met the team. Hotch and Morgan had their guns out and were waiting for them at the front gate. Elle and Reid ran quietly over to their position and took their guns out of their holsters. Hotch motioned for her and Reid to go up the stairs and look around. She nodded and crept up the stairs with Reid by her side. She saw a big shadow of a man and she whispered into her earpiece, “There is someone up here Hotch.” She and Reid followed him to a small office room. He walked in and sat in a chair at his desk. Hotch and Morgan met them up and Reid said, “He has a gun, we need to reason with him. I’m going to try to.” He saw Elle close her eyes and swallow as he volunteered himself. She took his gun from him and watched as he advanced toward the room. Elle followed closely but dropped to the side as he advanced forward.
“Mr. Garner, I’m Dr. Spencer Reid from the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit, I just want to talk,” Reid said with a slight shake in his voice. He glanced at Elle out of the corner of his eye, she refused to look at him.
Mr. Garner replied, “I don’t want you here! Leave!”
“I can’t do that. You are under arrest for the murder of Jessica Mullin and several other women,” Reid stated. He jumped as the unsub got out of the chair and came out of the room. He was holding a gun and pointed it at Reid, he yelled, “You didn’t leave like I asked, now you will leave the planet!”
Reid swallowed and said, “Look, you don’t need to do this…”
The unsub loaded the gun and was about to pull the trigger when Elle came running from the side and jumped in the way of the bullet. It hit her in the chest and she fell to the floor, unconscious. Hotch and Morgan fired at the unsub and ended his life. They ran over to Elle who was on the floor, bleeding. The bullet had gone through her vest. Reid was shocked at what had just happened. He had just watched Elle jump in front of him and save his life. His hands were shaking as he looked down to see her lifeless body just lying on the floor.
Elle came conscious again. She gasped for air and coughed harshly. “REID! NO!” She yelled absent mindedly. She felt her team mates holding her down as she waved her hands in the air. She calmed down and saw Reid, alive and well.
Hotch ordered, “Reid and Morgan, ride with her to the hospital, now!”
Reid didn’t waste time getting into the ambulance with her. He and Morgan waited until they pulled into the hospital to talk to her. Morgan left and Reid went up to Elle and asked, scared, “Why did you do that!? You could have died Elle!”
Elle rolled her eyes at her frantic boyfriend. “Reid, I had a vest on, I’ll be ok!” She grasped his hand and he calmed down and murmured, “Sorry, I just was so scared you were hurt. It looked like the bullet went through the vest…”
Elle took a sharp inhale of air as he mentioned he was scared for her. She smiled and whispered, “Spencer, that’s so sweet that you care!” She let his hand go and stopped smiling when Hotch and Gideon walked in. She didn’t like them seeing her personal life, they didn’t need to know anything. Those two had believed she had killed an unsub a few years ago and they still didn’t trust her much. “How are you?” Hotch asked.
“I’ll be fine Hotch,” she replied bluntly. She knew the doctor was going to tell her not to go back to work for a month or two. Elle forced a small smile and Hotch, with Gideon, walked away. Reid followed them and said, “I think the doctor is going to explain to her that she can’t go into the field for a little while.”
The younger doctor walked in and began to talk to Elle. “ Agent Greenaway, I’m going to have to suspend you from field work for two months,” he explained with reason.
Elle on the other hand didn’t want to listen. “What!? Doc, I can’t be out for that long, what the hell am I supposed to do?!” Elle was pissed. She wasn’t about to stop work for two months and just sit around at her apartment with nothing to do but watch overly dramatic soap operas. Reid walked in and tried to explain to her, “Elle, it’s for the best. You need to rest so you don’t get even more hurt. You need time for your shoulder to heal, the bullet may not have hit you but the impact did.”
Elle’s eyes were full of rage but she calmed down as Reid told her it was better for the team and herself to go home for a while. “Fine. But I’m not staying out for two months!”
Reid laughed, “Most people would love to be in your situation but you just want to work, work, and work all the time!”
Elle replied with humor, “Well I’m definitely not ‘most people’.”
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((Sorry for the shortness! It seemed like a great cliff hanger for you guys! XD))

Reid waited at the hospital with Elle until the doctor discharged her. He drove her to his apartment and she asked, “Do you know of any good hotels? I-I still don’t want to go back to my own apartment, I just began packing my things. I’m finding another place to live.” Elle hadn’t stayed at her own home in a week. She was afraid of being alone. That time, when she got shot was different, she was alone and dying, but now, she was with her lover and the team was there to back her up. And, Elle had the satisfaction of knowing she had saved Reid’s life.
Reid looked at her and suggested in Spanish, “Casa Reid?”
Elle laughed and said, “Reid, are you sure you want me staying here?”
“Elle, you’re smart, beautiful and carry a Glock 19, what guy wouldn’t want you at his apartment?” He said with an ‘I know it all’ tone.
Elle flushed red and smiled, “Oh Reid….” She hugged him and felt him kiss her head. She walked away to go put her bags in his room.
Reid felt his stomach growl and he asked, “Elle, are you hungry?”
Elle answered from the next room over, “Yeah, what do you have?”
Reid rubbed the back of his head, “Uhhh, well, typically I don’t cook. Ever. As in I can’t.”
Elle entered the room, “What do you mean? You made me pancakes that one time?”
“Well, that’s about it and I don’t have any pancake mix so…. Yeah.”
Elle walked over to his pantry and looked at his shelves. There were the typical canned foods, cereal, snack foods, and different oils and cooking ingredients. There wasn’t anything she felt was ‘Reid like’. She imagined an ass-load of coffee and junk food but there really wasn’t any.
Reid walked up behind Elle and said, “Dear God Elle, are you seriously profiling my pantry?”
Elle gave a laugh and peeked over her shoulder, “Uh, yeah, what else would I be doing?” She joked. “Well, we can order in some pizza?” She suggested.
“Sounds great!” He replied as he dialed the number.

Two months later, Elle was finally well enough to come back to the BAU. Since then, her and Reid’s relationship had come a long way. She had stayed at his house the whole time and they learned so much more about each other. He had given her a necklace the day before as a gift. It was silver with a diamond heart charm on it. She found her desk and sat down. Elle smiled as she saw case files on her desk, with a plane ticket to Los Angeles. Elle was overjoyed that she was able to come back and immediately fly out for a case. She decided to go and thank Hotch for allowing this. She made her way to his office and knocked. “Hey, it’s Elle.”
“Elle, glad to see you back and well again,” he said plainly.
“Thank you for putting me on the next case, I real-“
“What do you mean next case?”
“Sir, the Los Angeles case, the file and plane ticket were on my desk.”
“Elle, that’s not your desk any more, I thought they told you!”
Elle’s stomach dropped, “Hotch! What do you mean?!”
“I hired another agent. She was supposed to only fill you in, but she’s is damn good Elle, we had to keep her.”
“Better than me? I’m not being a snobby bitch, Hotch, but a phone call would have been great! Where is my desk now any way?”
“Your desk is still with the BAU team, but it’s over next to Reid and Morgan now. And I don’t want you flying on this case.”
“Sir, I’ve been out for two months. I just need to get back to work.”
“Fine. But the new agent, Emily Prentiss, will come as well.”
Elle smirked, “Fine, tell her to stay the hell out of my way. That is MY spot Hotch; you can’t just demote me because of an injury.” With that, Elle stormed out of his office and to her new desk.
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Reid noticed Elle’s swift change in mood. One minute she was so excited to be back and now she was angry and frustrated with someone. He walked over and asked, “What’s wrong Elle?”
She turned to Reid and said, with an obvious attempt to control her anger, “Hotch thinks he can just replace me with some chick I don’t even know because I got hurt. He gave her my desk, sent her on the case that I was supposed to go on and, just…. Ughhh!”
Reid said, “But he told me to give you a plane ticket. Here,” he handed her the ticket and she forced a small smile. He walked her over to the plane and they boarded and took their seats. Reid wanted to make Elle feel better so he reached for his bag and pulled out a bag of Sweet Tarts and gave them to her. They were her favorite candy. Elle smiled and said, “That’s why I love you!” She smiled and gently tore open the package.
Reid laughed and hugged his girlfriend. He tried to grab a few candies out of the bag but she swatted his hand away playfully.
Soon, their plane landed in New York and the team got off and went to their assigned hotel. As Elle walked into the lobby and asked for her room key.
“Ok, you room is on the third floor and number 309. Have a nice stay,” said the front desk lady robotically. She nodded at her and took the two keys. She unlocked the door to her room and hauled in the luggage rack. She turned around and let out a startled squeak as she saw Reid sitting on one of the beds. She gasped, “Reid! What are you doing in here?”
He laughed as she asked him that. “I, uh, booked our rooms together, if you don’t mind, I want to be with you like, you know, uh…” he failed at saying the word, ‘alone’. He didn’t want her to get the wrong idea.
She finished his sentence, “You want to be alone with me, am I right,” she asked gently. Elle smiled and shut her door. “It’s great. I don’t mind if we stay together,” she said as she kissed him gently on the lips. His hand wound up in her hair and she swooned at his touch.
Reid’s hormones were a raging war right now. He had the most beautiful woman he had ever seen kissing him and she was alone with him in a hotel room. She pulled away but he wasn’t ready for her to stop so he pulled her on top of him and kissed her again gently. She gave a laugh and said, “Spencer, where did you learn to kiss like that?” She was breathing hard and fast, that had made her blood race and feel like she was in heaven.
He blushed a deep red and she stroked his face, “I loved it, Reid,” she said reassuringly. He smiled and let her up. She went to the bathroom and changed into an oversized sweat shirt and black yoga pants. Her hair was pulled back in a bun and her makeup was gone. Reid caught her hand as she walked by and hauled her onto the bed with him. “You’re beautiful, Elle,” he said softly.
Elle blushed and looked down in embarrassment, “Oh Spencer no I’m not right now….” His hand wrapped around her face and she found herself kissing him again. Her heart began to beat faster and Reid’s hands found their way to her waist.
Reid began kissing her collar bone and hugged her close to him. “I’m going to sleep. Love you, Elle,” Reid said sweetly.
Elle shut her eyes and said, “Baby, I love you too. Goodnight.”
The next morning, Reid woke up with Elle by his side. His heart skipped a beat as she silently breathed. He rested his head on her same pillow and fell back to sleep. He dreamed of scenes of Elle at the office, she was so smart and business like. She was no nonsense and found, well creative ways to get information out of unsubs. Reid laughed in his sleep as he remembered this one case where she had been assigned to comfort and protect a twin of the kidnapped sister. The twin had been getting attacked by the kidnapper and Elle got into a tussle with him. She pinned him on the floor and had stepped on his groin to get out information. Reid woke up laughing.
Elle giggled as Reid laughed in his sleep. What is he dreaming about? He woke up and she asked him with a laugh, “What were you dreaming about?”
Reid kissed Elle and said laughing, “That one case where you almost castrated that guy because he wouldn’t give you the information you wanted, oh God, Elle that was so funny.”
Elle smirked and said, “I’m sure you would have a party if I did that to you Reid…”
He blushed uncontrollably and mumbled, “Well, yeah, I would…”
Elle got up out of bed and stretched arms above her head. While she was getting up, Reid grabbed her waist and hugged her. She smiled and said, “Let me go, I gotta go get ready!”
“Fine,” Reid opened his arms and allowed Elle to get up. She changed and then both of them left to go meet the team in the small coffee shop in the lobby.
“We are looking to interview the family of Melinda Carol. She has two daughters, one of which is missing, kidnapped. Reid, Elle, and I will go and ask the two women questions and see if we can get any information for a profile, Emily, Morgan and Gideon should stay here and look over the crime scene evidence. JJ can help with that,” explained Hotch. Elle gave Hotch the keys and got into the black SUV’s passenger seat. Reid hopped in the back and Hotch started driving. Elle noticed that it wasn’t the nicest part of New York. It had graffiti and litter with gangster looking people flooding the streets. “Not the nicest place to be with a missing daughter, and to be a single mother,” Elle stated.
Hotch and Reid glanced around as they stopped the car in a small colisac. There were drug dealers, gangs and tattooed freaks all over the place. The team began to walk towards a small, broken down house when a loud shriek split through the air. Elle turned to see what was going on and saw a pretty girl with dirty blonde curls. She was being hit by a gang of older guys, they all looked about eighteen. She, on the other hand, was only about fourteen. They had a weapon, a small knife. Elle ran over and yelled, “HEY! FBI, drop the knife and leave.”
The tall, Hispanic man turned to Elle and smirked while rolling his eyes, “Babe, don’t tell me what to do..” He turned back to the girl and while he was off guard, she punched him in the nose. Elle kicked him and threw him down on the ground. She turned to the girl, “You ok?”
“Yeah, fine,” she replied, scared.
Elle looked up at the rest of the guys, “If you don’t want to be next, get the hell away from her.” She let the guy up and they all took off running. Elle looked at the girl and asked, “Where do you live, I’ll walk you back. I’m Agent Elle Greenaway from BAU.”
“I-I’m Kelli, Kelli Glover and I believe you were headed to investigate my home. My mother isn’t home right now, she left a few hours ago to go to work, and she won’t be back till later this evening. Thank you for, um, helping me with them. They never usually hurt me but they really scared me this time,” Kelli said, out of breath.
Elle smiled and asked, “I’m sorry about your sister. We are here to ask your mother a few questions. Can we wait with you until she comes back?” Elle noticed her glance down and bite her lip. She asked, “What’s wrong?”
Kelli replied with sorrow, “Ms. Greenaway, my mother hasn’t been back home since Wednesday. It’s Saturday. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you and your team earlier, I just have learned to be careful what you say around here.”
Reid asked in shock, “So you’ve been here all alone for three days?”
Kelli nodded and said with a faint sense of humor, “I know how to protect myself. Mom left a Glock in the kitchen that I can use if needed.”
Elle placed a hand on Kelli’s shoulder, “We’ll try to find your mother. Can we ask you a few questions?”
“I’ll answer what I can, Mom was a very private person.”
Hotch asked, “Was?”
“Look mister, my mother is missing and my sister may be dead, it’s really hard to stay positive, ok?” Kelli snapped.
The team got up and left the room. Elle rubbed Kelli’s shoulder and went with her team. Reid said quietly to Elle and Hotch, “She’s not going to open up guys, she is under a lot of stress and is scared.”
Hotch turned to Elle, “Go talk to her, she is most likely to open up to a woman about her missing family. What happened to her father again?”
Reid answered, “He was placed under arrest for rape….” He didn’t finish the sentence.
Elle pressed, “Reid, what!?”
Reid looked up at her, “She was raped by her father, Elle. How strong does she have to be to live right now? She needs to be watched by someone until we solve this case!”
Elle went back into the room alone with Kelli. “Kelli, I know what your father did to you and I am here if you need me, ok?”
Kelli looked up with tears in her eyes, “Ms. Greenaway, my father… he did do that. He ran away from my mother and hasn’t been back in a year. I was fourteen when he did that.”
Elle sat down next to her and said, “Why don’t you come with me to my hotel? It will help get your mind off of things.” Elle got up to go tell Reid they were having a guest tonight.
Kelli laughed and asked Elle, “You and that doctor, are you two a couple?”
Elle nodded and said, “Yeah how did you guess?”
“The way he looks at you, he shoots you little lovey dovey looks all the time,” she giggled while wiping a tear away from her eye.
Elle smiled and shook her head as she walked away. “Go get some clothes; we’ll go out somewhere to get your mind off things.”
She went up to Reid and said, “I told her she could stay with us tonight, it’s what’s safe. I’m sorry if you don’t like it but I had to, she’s all alone, Spencer.”
Reid replied with encouragement, “No no it’s ok, you should take her out somewhere, I have thing I can do.”
Elle smiled and said, “You’re sweet. Thanks Reid.”
Elle, Reid, and Kelli all drove back to the team’s hotel. As they all got into the lobby, Kelli got a room next to the two agents and moved her stuff into there. “You guys don’t have to like keep up with me, I’ll be ok,” assured Kelli.
Elle replied, “I know. We just are gonna get you a room until we find your mother.”
She and Reid walked, hands entwined, back to their room together. Elle unlocked her room and walked in. Unexpectedly, Reid picked Elle up in his arms and she let out a startled squeak. He kissed her passionately and lay her down on the bed gently. “I love you Elle,” he said sweetly. Elle smiled back and let his hands get wound up in her hair as he kissed her. She felt his hands trace her body and she kissed his cheek and said, “Baby, you’re so cute!” Elle then heard a knock on her door.
“Elle? It’s Morgan, open up! I gotta talk to you about something.”
Elle let out a moan and then laughed, “Uh I’m a little busy, come back later!” She still had Spencer all tangled up under her.
Morgan laughed hysterically, “Reid? You in there with her?”
Elle giggled and pulled her shirt back on and went to the door. “What Morgan?” She knew he would know she and Reid were fooling around; she had the look of a giddy teenager on her face.
Morgan pushed his way into the room. His eyes got big as he saw Elle’s clothes all over the floor. His eyes rested on a black pair of lace panties. “Uhh, you were busy as I can see….” He picked up her panties and tossed them at Reid.
“What the hell, man? What was that for?!” Reid squeaked as he blushed crimson.
“What’s the matter Reid, baby? Are you afraid of my undies?” Teased Elle. She snatched them from the two guys and put them in her suitcase. “What did you need Morgan?”
“Just wanted to tell you Kelli left with her mother an hour ago. Case is closed, we are going home. She said to tell you thanks,” he said, still holding in a burst of laughter.
Elle smiled and gently shoved Morgan out the door. “Don’t come back until tomorrow.”
Morgan smirked and said, “No worries, I’ll get all the details from Reid.”
The next morning, Elle woke up next to Reid. Her feet were entwined with his and his hands were wrapped around her. She gently kissed his lips and said, “Reid, wake up, it’s seven thirty.”
Reid felt Elle kiss him and he smiled, “That was nice.”
Elle smirked and said, “I know it was. I’m going to get changed, be good and don’t look, ok?”
Reid laughed and went into the bathroom. He was still dazed from Elle, she was so amazing! He smiled as she came into the bathroom with him. She began curling her pretty brown hair and applying makeup. She really didn’t need it. “Elle, stop, you don’t need that stuff,” Reid said sweetly. He took the small bottle of tan foundation from her hand and set it in her duffle bag.
Elle fought for her makeup but gave up when Reid gave her a sweet kiss on her forehead. She stuck with only her black mascara and slipped on a white sweater that had a wide shoulder with dark jeans. She helped Reid put his tie on and the slid out the door.
“It’s storming pretty bad right now, do you think the flight back to Quantico will be canceled?” asked Elle.
Reid replied, “I’m sure Hotch will tell us.” He noticed Elle’s eyes flashed with annoyance at the mention of Hotch’s name. He put his arm around her as they walked, “What is it? Is it the new agent?”
“Reid, how would you feel towards someone who tried to replace you?!” Elle snapped harshly. She immediately felt bad, it wasn’t his fault she got hurt. She sighed and said softly, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to lash out at you like that. It isn’t your fault.”
Reid felt it was technically his fault. He had been stupid enough to walk unarmed into the room with a criminal. He smiled and said, “Elle it is my fault. I shouldn’t have walked in that room un-“
“SPENCER, don’t do that to yourself, it was my choice to save your ass, ok?” Elle said as she grabbed his shoulders and turned him to face her.
Spencer’s expression changed from guilt to a smile. Elle always made him smile when he was upset. “Ok. Thanks, Elle,” he said.

The couple reached the lobby and met the team. “Sorry guys but the weather is bad enough to cancel the flight we were scheduled to board. We will take our cars back to Quantico. It will take a day or two depending on how fast you drive,” Morgan joked, “Reid and Elle will get there in an hour the way Elle drives on the Interstate.”
Elle smiled and laughed as she heard Morgan. She was a pretty bad driver… “Very funny guys.”
Elle dragged her luggage out to the large SUV and loaded them up. She asked Reid, “Do you want to make any stops on the way back? Or can I just go a hundred mile an hour down the highway?”
Reid had always wanted to take Elle to his lake house in Michigan. “I have a lake house in Michigan if you want to stop there tonight and rest. We could do some stuff out in the water tomorrow if the weather works to our favor if you want to,” offered Reid.
Elle thought that sounded fun. She loved to water ski and swim too. “Oh yeah! Sure, I’ll put the address in my GPS and we can stop there for a few days,” she said with a peppy tone in her voice. She began to drive and they reached the cozy little cabin within three hours. She pulled into the gravel drive way and shut off the car. Reid helped unload the suit cases and Elle went and looked around. There were two bedrooms, two bath rooms, a small kitchen and living room. She thought it was a cute little cabin. “Wow Spencer, I love this! It’s so cute,” she complemented.
“Thanks. It was my mother’s husband’s cabin,” Reid said solemnly.
Elle asked, “So your father’s?”
Reid smiled at Elle and replied, “I don’t call him my father since he left me and mom when I was eight. It just helps me not feel hurt about it if I remove him from me as much as possible…”
Elle frowned and told Reid, “Spencer, that never helps. I would know, my dad was killed when I was eight. Bringing them closer actually helps you get over it.”
“But your dad didn’t leave, he loved you and obviously, that helped you in your life, you know how to love others,” Reid said as he hugged her gently.
Elle smiled, “You know how to make me feel special, Spencer.”
Elle shut the door to the cabin and began to heat up the stove so she could make dinner. She was going to make something light so she wouldn’t feel so full. “Do you want anything babe?”
Reid blushed as she called him ‘babe’. “Uh, no it’s alright, I was snacking the whole way up here.”
Elle smirked and said, “Yeah because I was driving!”
Reid had a thought that just kind of popped into his mind as her watched her. She would be an amazing mother and wife. “Elle you would be a great mother and wife….” He mumbled the last part almost inaudibly.
Elle felt tears come to her eyes, “Spencer, that is so sweet of you! I mean what made you think of that? Me of all people…”
Reid pulled her into a tight hug and kissed her head. Elle asked, “What was that last part, Dr.Reid?”
Reid’s heart rate picked up. He didn’t want her to think he was proposing to her! “I think I uh, said you would, uhm, M-make a good wife?” Reid was half expecting her to draw her gun and shoot him but she took his head in her soft hands and kissed him. He cradled her body close to his, “I love you baby, no matter what.”
Elle pressed her head on his chest as they sat on the couch, “I love you too,” Elle smiled, “and did you just call me baby, Reid?”
“Yeah because you are my baby,” Reid said, smiling, “I want to take care of you Elle.”
Elle yawned and said, “Alright Casanova, I’m going to bed, you coming?”
Reid laughed, “Oh yes I’m coming.”
Elle pulled Reid on top of her. He kissed her stomach and Elle giggled. “Reid go to sleep.”
“I don’t want to sleep,” Reid whined. He moved his hands behind back and pressed closer to her. If it was even possible, he wanted to be even closer to her.

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