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 History of the Lycans

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History of the Lycans Empty
PostSubject: History of the Lycans   History of the Lycans Icon_minitimeThu Apr 01, 2010 12:54 pm

In 344 B.C, the first werewolves came to the world. The werewolves were out-casts in the rest of the world. Until they found Harasonda. Which, at the time was Talonsered. When werewolves were found in Talonsered, they were slaves. In 1160 A.D, the wolves tried lead a rebellion into Gonverestan, Many were arrested, and put in prison for life, or killed on the spot. In 1564, a werewolf named Alexander Lycantus (lie-can-too), was working for the vampire Emporer, Claudius III, in Biteington Palace in Dekrandest. (Now Lycan Palace in Bilingshie.) Alexander was a lowly servent who offered Emporer Claudius a shower on day, as an act of kindness. Claudius accepted and was destroyed by a shower of Holy Water. This led the the uprising of Harasonda. The werewolves formed a country called Harasonda, made the capital Bilingshie, and Alexander Lycantus, became the first werewolf king. And Alex was only 15 when he became King!
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History of the Lycans
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