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 Court of the King (anyone in the Monarchy)

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Court of the King (anyone in the Monarchy) Empty
PostSubject: Court of the King (anyone in the Monarchy)   Court of the King (anyone in the Monarchy) Icon_minitimeSat Mar 13, 2010 9:20 pm

He walked through the palace, in max frustration. Honoko,was the younger brother of the king of Harasonda. In afew days, he'd be 39 years old. Birthdays when he was little almost always ended up in meatball fights. so he had to make sure all meat balls were hidden. It was very like-ly,there would be a party at Lycan Palace in 4 days. It was 4 days till his birthday. He was alone at the palace tonight. His brother and his nephew, had gone hunting with the other wolves. He would hunt tommorrow, and the full moon would last for 5 more nights. He saw the sun emerging from the clouds. Sunrise. he whispered. He wuickly paced for the entrance. But as he was headed for the door, gray clouds rolled in, and a clap of thunder came on.
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Court of the King (anyone in the Monarchy)
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